Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bring on the cousins!

Jon's brother Josh and his wife, Jenise welcomed their third child this week, Landon Tate. He was born on Thursday and we got to visit them that afternoon in the hospital. I told Bennett we were going to the hospital to meet his new cousin and he said, "Yay! I get to play with the house and the penguin!" He actually remembered the toys in the waiting room from when Dawson was born :)
Its amazing how big your 4 month old can seem, all of a sudden!

I am just overjoyed with the relationship Bennett has with all of his cousins. We never had that growing up on my side of the family. We always lived hundreds of miles from our cousins and were several years older than them anyway. And we never even had lifelong friends that were as close as family since we moved around so much. I just love seeing Bennett's excitement when he knows he gets to play with any of his cousins. He and Piper fight like brother and sister...they already know how to push each others buttons or avoid conflict with each other, depending on their moods. But they always love to be together. And Bennett almost doesn't know what to do at Nana and Poppy's when Caleb and Kietlyn aren't there! And to know they'll be in each other's lives for their whole lives...I can hardly comprehend it.

Welcome to the wonderful clan of Colyer cousins, little Landon!

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  1. brings tears to my eyes that God would grant us these precious children and the bonds they share!


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