Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why can't they all be like this?

This was one of those extremely rare days where everything was just lovely. (I love that word...makes me feel British). The four of us went to Bass Pro Shop after lunch (a great FREE winter activity) where Dawson slept the whole time and Bennett led the way through the store, in awe of all of the animals. Then me and the boys went to the library, one of my favorite spots these days. I brought some tea and snacks (really wanted Starbucks but used my better judgment and went the cheap route :) so we could stay a while. We were there for about 3 hours. I get to sit and read magazines while Bennett does their entire of stack of puzzles. Its just the most peaceful place--I guess because its quiet.
Then we came home and I fixed a quick dinner (Jon was at a basketball game). I actually got to eat my entire dinner without getting up once. I was SHOCKED. Its usually, "I need my water. I dropped my fork. Can you wipe my hands? I need something else to eat." I'm one of those people who wants my food piping hot. So that's probably my biggest parenting pet-peeve...having to get up for this and that while my food continues to get cold (the unfortunate status quo these days). He didn't even play with his food. He literally sat there and ate his entire bowl of pasta like a normal human being! And then I gave him a popsicle which kept him busy for at least another 20 minutes and I actually got all the dinner dishes done right away...another huge feat for me! Then we did another big puzzle together ('d think he'd be sick of them!), read a couple of his new library books and then lights out for Bennett. treasured "me-time". And I'm not even sitting here guilty because the dishes aren't done :)
How I wish there were more days like this...


  1. Enjoy it------but you will have many me days to come. I always thought it would never happen when ours were little, and now I wish at times I had some of the hype back!! One day you will turn around and your house will be empty and too quiet! Your are a great Mom---cherish the moment!

    Love you all, Auntie


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