Wednesday, May 6, 2015

creek days

If you need us this summer, we'll be here. Who needs pool passes when you have this across the street? We ate supper on our covered porch and then spent the evening in the creek. I kinda wanted to pinch myself because of how idyllic it all felt. Which was such a relief considering the two previous weeks I'd had after my father-in-law's sudden passing and some gut-wrenching realities with facing divorce, I needed a rejuvenating breath of fresh air. I could say so much more but I'd rather just stare at these pictures of my man cubs and revel in all the good stuff for now.

He had clothes on at one point. I guess he wanted to go skinny dipping but changed his mind on the dipping part.

Its Lord of the Flies around here. You best bring a weapon if you want to survive. Ipads and cookies also work well.