Thursday, August 16, 2012


Today was the day. My baby boy who's not at all a baby anymore was off to Kindergarten.

First day outfit and fake smile (I can still get away with choosing stuff for him...probably not for much longer.)
His first backpack! (scored it on major clearance from PBKids. "Look, honey, isn't a soccer backpack what you always wanted??" I'm lucky he's so easy going. Sure, I let my kids wear stuff with TV characters on them. On pajamas and underwear.)
Seriously, what's not to love about this boy?? Jon was taking this picture. I have a pretty good idea of what he said to get such a great smile:
Waiting at the end of our street for the bus! It was really chilly and windy this morning but of course none of us felt the weather. We were so focused on the moment:
Pretending to hold it together. A mess on the inside. This is going to be much harder when I'm not left with a baby in my arms.
And the moment of anticipation had arrived. Its nice to know there were plenty of familiar faces on the bus with him. He has so many great neighbor friends. His ride to school is only 9 minutes (his ride home is much longer):
They say you have to "cut the apron strings" when your kid gets married and leaves you. Pretty sure one of those strings was snipped at this very moment:
I cried a lot two nights ago when I was trying to fall asleep. That's when it all just hit me. Have I done enough?? That's the question that kept resonating through my head. Have I done enough to prepare him for his first big step into the real world? Will he remember to use his manners? Who will give him a big hug when he falls on the playground? Who will wipe his mouth after lunch? Who will make sure no other kids are teasing him or laughing at him or pushing him around when Mama Bear isn't there watching? The teachers can't catch everything. And if somebody does, will he tell me or keep it all inside? I meant to pray with him before he left but the first morning was so hectic, I was feeding Channing up until the moment his bus came. But we prayed last night for protection for his eyes and ears and hands and feet and that he would be a light for Jesus in his class.
I couldn't help but have flashbacks to other milestones that made him seem so big at the time!
Standing on his own:
Switching him to his toddler carseat:
His first night in a big boy bed:
And his first day of preschool:
Today was such a drastic jump compared to all those!
My neighbor graciously watched Dawson and Channing for a few minutes for me so I could follow the bus to school and get him settled in his class. When I got there, he was already at work!
And he had his bag hung up and unpacked. I just love all the organization and labels :)
His table, with Ellie and Dylan (who were both much quieter than Bennett while I was there). The other girl in the missing spot is Kapriece and she gave me a big hug when I got there! Maybe she was missing her mommy already.

His teacher, Ms. Bridgeman, seems really sweet. I'm hoping its a wonderful and memorable first year of school for him! I hope he comes home with lots to say!! I want to know everything :)


  1. Wow! I'm sure he did great! It just seems impossible that we have school-aged children now! It honestly feels like a few months ago when I found out you were expecting Bennett. How can he be in Kindergarten? :)

  2. Okay. Bennett isn't even my son and I'm tearing up...could be pregnancy :) Such a great post Have!

  3. seriously we were all pregnant together at one time and now they are going to school forever!! boowhoooowhooo!!!

  4. I applaud you!!! The worst parents are the one who don't leave school on the first day, they ask to be in the room and such which thankfully at my school we don't allow it otherwise kiddos never get used to what "real" school is without mom and dad around! From what I saw in the video before, I bet the teacher will have Bennett doing higher grade level (for kinder level) stuff since he can already read! Most kinders can't write their name let alone read so he is ahead of the game! :)

  5. it looks like bennett is comfortable and happy in his classroom. he has the best fake smile (hehe). it will be challenging at times to have the distance and lack of control, but he seems like such a grounded, healthy little boy that he will find ways to get his needs met in the school environment and make mom-approved choices (white milk vs. chocolate milk lol).

  6. Your words describe every mom at this time of goes so fast. I loved this entry so much because you verbalized my thoughts and feelings so well. Praying for your transition!

  7. Very proud of daughter/mother and her bambino. Grateful for your faith & wisdom!

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  9. So cute! Haven is starting preschool next week and I am so excited for her! I noticed Bennett wore a lobster shirt on his first day of preschool and his first day of kindergarten - was that planned?? Funny coincidence if not! :)

  10. Oh my goodness!! He is going to do GREAT!! Good job, Mama!

  11. What a cutie! You got some great pics.


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