Thursday, October 22, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

Bennett's really into storytelling these days and its hilarious to hear his little imagination. Every story goes something like this:
"Once upon a time, there was a name named, ________. (Insert a creative sentence or two here). And every night he goes back to sleep. (Insert snoring here). The End."
Last night in the tub every story was about Jesus or God looking for monsters in a cave. I guess I haven't read that Bible story yet.

Here's another example from today:

Baking with my little tornado

It was a cold and rainy day today so I decided to make some oatmeal blueberry muffins with Bennett since I didn't want to leave the house. He loves to pull a chair up to the stove and "cook" with an empty bowl and spoons so I decided to try the real thing with him. But once we started dumping ingredients in, he couldn't keep his hands out of the bowl and from grabbing everything in sight to dump in the bowl too so I had to give him his own little bowl to cook in. Of course in keeping with his habit he's had since birth of putting anything and everything in his mouth, he just started eating the dry oats, even after he dumped some salt in pepper in there.

Bennett with his stack of "ingredients"

He loved putting the muffin cups in the pan

Checking out the progress

It was fun but I guarantee I won't be doing any more real cooking with Bennett for another 6 months :) I'll leave that up to his braver and less neurotic Nana.

Round Two

Here are Dawson and Quinn's first pictures together. Her 7 extra weeks of life make a big difference in the cheeks :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

First Smiles

Our one month old boy has found his smile. It so fun to see your little blob (I mean that in the most endearing way possible!) start to respond with a smile! He's smiling all the time now--including when I suck his nose out with the bulb syringe. He gets a huge grin on his face. Maybe it tickles :)
Other things making me smile these days:
~Nestle Tollhouse drop and bake cookies. It usually takes Jon and I less than 24 hours to finish each batch we make.
~Bennett putting his fists in the air and announcing the TV show coming up next at the top of his lungs.
~Watching Survivor, The Office and So You Think You Can Dance with Jon. Date nights have been non-existent lately so I look forward to watching our favorite shows together.
~Helping my mom pick out stuff for the house they're building. This would be my ultimate dream job- being the design assistant for a builder doing spec or custom houses.
~Knowing I only have about 3 more weeks of middle of the night feedings if BabyWise proves successful again!!
~Bennett asking me, "where's my baby brother?" all the time and hearing him talk to Dawson like he understands every word.
~Jon telling me he's ready and willing to watch both boys Tuesday night so I can spend my first evening away from them at my Bible Study and then a movie with the girls afterwards!
~Dinners from church...our last two come this week. There's nothing as delicious as other people's cooking!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My BIG BRAVE little sister

Okay, I'm pretty sure 99% of the people who read my blog also read my sister's blog but I've been wanting to dedicate a post to her recently anyway because she's been filling up about 30% of my thoughts these days. So if you don't read her blog, her husband left for Basic Training with the National Guard about a week and a half ago. They have two little girls about the same age as our two and only live about 3 minutes from our house. Seth's going to be gone somewhere around 16 weeks total with 2 weeks home at Christmas. As soon as we found out about him joining the Guard and having to leave for such a long time, I knew instantly that's why God gave us this house so close to them. I feel a HUGE burden for her all the time. Every time Jon is helping me with both kids I feel a sense of regret and sadness for Bethany. And any time I read a post on facebook or hear someone complaining about their husband being gone for a few days, I want to shout, "You think that's bad?? Think about my sister!" I've always wondered how in the world a single parent does it- never having that second set of hands to feed, change, hug, discipline, play with and cuddle their kids. And unfortunately my sister's experiencing it first hand. So far I've tried to help when I have time with mundane things like laundry and dishes but that's just a teeny tiny drop in the bucket to the help you get from your spouse. I love her and am so proud of her for what she's going through on her own. And it makes me appreciate every little thing Jon does to help with our boys, not to mention having that strong supportive role here who fills up so much of my life and heart and home. I'm so glad for the person Bethany will have become at the end of all of this and the day he returns will probably be happier than her wedding day but I'm so sorry for the long road its going to take to get there. I'm praying for her a lot and wish I could stay at her house with her (unfortunately our 2 year olds fight like siblings and usually stresses us both out after 20 minutes of it!! :).
You can do it Bethany. You will make it. God has you held so tightly in his grasp right now and is catching every tear.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hanging around with Bennett

Bennett and Daddy watching 101 Dalmatians. (Must have been a scary part. Jon's not too fond of Cruella DeVil)

This is Bennett as a "puma laying on a tree branch". His idea, not ours. He likes us to pet him while he lays perfectly still with no expression on his face.

And Bennett reading his "God book". He just went upstairs to get it and brought it back down with 4 of his "pappies" and read it by himself for about 15 minutes.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I've been meaning to post some pics of newborn Bennett on here so you can compare to newborn Dawson. Its fun to figure out their similarities and differences. A few I've noticed so far...
Physically- Bennett came out with dark brown eyes. Dawson's are still just really dark grey. They both have Jon's cowlick in the same spot and pretty much the same amount of hair.
Temperament- Dawson's an easier newborn than Bennett was. He likes his pacifier and can keep it in for the most part. Bennett couldn't keep his in for a long time. Dawson's a much more efficient nurser. It only takes him about 10 minutes and Bennett always took a full 30 min. I kept wondering if Dawson was getting enough but he weighed a couple ounces more than Bennett did at his 2 week checkup! Good news :) Dawson also likes the swing a lot. Bennett would just cry when we put him in there the first few weeks. They both have to be swaddled to sleep but Bennett tended to fall asleep in the carseat with a blanket just tucked around him. Dawson has to be swaddled tight so he usually cries in the carseat. I went and got one of those swaddling blankets yesterday that you can use in the carseat-- hopefully that helps!
Scroll down to previous posts to compare to other pictures of Dawson. Here's one of Dawson from today:

And newborn Bennett: