Monday, October 19, 2009

First Smiles

Our one month old boy has found his smile. It so fun to see your little blob (I mean that in the most endearing way possible!) start to respond with a smile! He's smiling all the time now--including when I suck his nose out with the bulb syringe. He gets a huge grin on his face. Maybe it tickles :)
Other things making me smile these days:
~Nestle Tollhouse drop and bake cookies. It usually takes Jon and I less than 24 hours to finish each batch we make.
~Bennett putting his fists in the air and announcing the TV show coming up next at the top of his lungs.
~Watching Survivor, The Office and So You Think You Can Dance with Jon. Date nights have been non-existent lately so I look forward to watching our favorite shows together.
~Helping my mom pick out stuff for the house they're building. This would be my ultimate dream job- being the design assistant for a builder doing spec or custom houses.
~Knowing I only have about 3 more weeks of middle of the night feedings if BabyWise proves successful again!!
~Bennett asking me, "where's my baby brother?" all the time and hearing him talk to Dawson like he understands every word.
~Jon telling me he's ready and willing to watch both boys Tuesday night so I can spend my first evening away from them at my Bible Study and then a movie with the girls afterwards!
~Dinners from church...our last two come this week. There's nothing as delicious as other people's cooking!

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  1. That smile is priceless! So funny that he gets a kick out of the nose sucker. Layla hated it, but Cooper would just laugh and laugh. I think it did tickle and I think the sound cracked him up.


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