Thursday, July 30, 2009

another visit with quinn

Here are a couple of pics from our visit with baby Quinn today. She's as cute as ever and the whole family is doing very well. She's a teeny little peanut but you can't really tell in these pics.

Tomorrow night we're off on our road trip to Tennessee. We're driving through the night to make it easier on the two little boys but it most certainly won't be easier for the 2 preggos riding in the car! I'm definitely not looking forward to that but it seems to be the best option. Hopefully there are rest stops a plenty!! Can pregnant women take Nyquil? I should add that to my bag of snacks for the car...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Introducing our new niece...

Quinn Margaret Arganbright! She was born this morning around 5am after just 3 hours of true labor. She's 6lb 14oz and 18 3/4" long. That's a pound less and 3 in. shorter than Piper was! Maybe she'll be taking after Bethany's height :)

Grandad trying to distract the cousins for a few minutes. They were both a little tired and were running around making sure everyone knew who the real stars of the show were!!

And every time Quinn started fussing, Piper would imitate her unbelievably accurately!

I'll post more pictures of Quinn soon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Marsh

Jon had to put up some shelves at his parents' this afternoon so Judie and Bennett and I took a walk at the marsh. Judie takes Bennett on walks here all the time and he loves to spot different animals and flowers with her. Its pretty hilarious that our 2 year old son knows the difference between a tulip and a petunia.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Too hot not to go in...

Well, today was even hotter so even though this pool was a little chilly too, Bennett couldn't resist the water. Here's some footage of how he and Daddy play in the pool:

Its amazing to see him progress every time we're in the pool. He's obviously very brave but he's also learned to kick his legs to "swim" across the entire pool with his water wings on. He hasn't figured out the arms yet, though :)

The Colyer itinerary

We've finally had some gorgeous swim-worthy weather around here. We had another playdate at a pool yesterday but Bennett is unfortunately like his Mom and Dad and wanted nothing to do with swimming because the water was freezing! Oh least the sun was shining.

Tomorrow I'm singing the national anthem at a fundraising event for Military marriages. And hopefully sometime in the upcoming week I'll have a new niece! My sister's due date is approaching quickly and I'm praying she has the baby this week, otherwise our family will probably miss the birth altogether because we leave a week from tomorrow for our vacation. I'm going to be so sad if we hit the road with our little niece still in the womb, since Piper was born in Colorado and we couldn't be there for her birth either. We'll see! Hurry up little peanut!

Although, speaking of our vacation, I'm super excited. It'll be our first family vacation since Bennett was 5 months old. We're driving to a cabin up in the mountains in Tennessee that a friend of a friend is loaning us for the week. We're bringing our good friends, Katie and Andy, which I'm looking forward to because we've never taken a vacation with friends before! Bennett's going to love spending the week with his buddy, Colby. They're both obsessed with the alphabet and know all their letter sounds so I have a feeling we'll be spending lots of time in the car reading books and playing with magnet letters. Our first road trip with Bennett...I can't wait!! (I know, I'm delusional. But hey, my friend, Emily, just drove from Iowa to Seattle with 2 babies and she survived. I think we'll make it!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Another day at the Zoo

We spent a gorgeous morning at the zoo today with our friends, Andy and Katie. We had lots of highlights including a free train ride, Jon getting spit in the face by a llama (he was totally asking for it...Andy bet him $10 to feed him a piece of food from his lips. Don't ask.), two giant tortoises "giving a piggy-back-ride" (believe me...this was quite a spectacle. We had no clue they could make such noises. Bennett was scared! And if you're as immature as we are, ask Jon to email you a photo :) and Bennett got to feed the giraffes. It was an action packed trip to the zoo!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Our little fish

Yesterday, my playgroup from church went swimming. Our third time with Bennett in a real pool this summer and two of those times have been overcast and cold. Yuck! But of course that doesn't stop the kids. And since Daddy wasn't there to brave the cold water, I knew I had to get in with him! He's getting braver and braver and did a lot of "swimming" on his own this time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

At the movies

I haven't posted in a while...I guess because there haven't been many photo opportunities. We had a great day planned at a pool on July 4th with both sides of our family but that day was cold and rainy. We still went the pool but only the brave boys swam (including Bennett! Uncle Adam toughed it out with him in the pool and hot tub throughout most of the day.) At one point I asked Bennett, "are you warm or cold?" and through chattering teeth he said, "I'm hot". I guess he can't quite gauge his body temp yet :) Thankfully we had all kinds of delicious food which always makes for a great day in my book!

Today was Bennett's first time at a movie theatre! We went to the $1 showing of Horton Hears a Who at Jordan Creek with our playgroup and it was a lot of fun. We just made sure to have lots of snacks to keep them in their seats. He thought the elephant was hilarious and laughed out loud a lot. And when he saw the purple kangaroo, he said "they're in Australia". It was pretty cute.
Bennett and Colby Briggs
Bennett and Piper sharing popcorn