Monday, July 13, 2009

Another day at the Zoo

We spent a gorgeous morning at the zoo today with our friends, Andy and Katie. We had lots of highlights including a free train ride, Jon getting spit in the face by a llama (he was totally asking for it...Andy bet him $10 to feed him a piece of food from his lips. Don't ask.), two giant tortoises "giving a piggy-back-ride" (believe me...this was quite a spectacle. We had no clue they could make such noises. Bennett was scared! And if you're as immature as we are, ask Jon to email you a photo :) and Bennett got to feed the giraffes. It was an action packed trip to the zoo!


  1. yep...saw that picture of the turtles... and it cracked me up. Ethan said, "look they're climbing each other!"

  2. We've been at the zoo when the turtles were giving piggy back rides as well. For a year Joey went around imitating the sound and telling everyone that that is what turtles say. :)


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