Friday, July 24, 2009

The Colyer itinerary

We've finally had some gorgeous swim-worthy weather around here. We had another playdate at a pool yesterday but Bennett is unfortunately like his Mom and Dad and wanted nothing to do with swimming because the water was freezing! Oh least the sun was shining.

Tomorrow I'm singing the national anthem at a fundraising event for Military marriages. And hopefully sometime in the upcoming week I'll have a new niece! My sister's due date is approaching quickly and I'm praying she has the baby this week, otherwise our family will probably miss the birth altogether because we leave a week from tomorrow for our vacation. I'm going to be so sad if we hit the road with our little niece still in the womb, since Piper was born in Colorado and we couldn't be there for her birth either. We'll see! Hurry up little peanut!

Although, speaking of our vacation, I'm super excited. It'll be our first family vacation since Bennett was 5 months old. We're driving to a cabin up in the mountains in Tennessee that a friend of a friend is loaning us for the week. We're bringing our good friends, Katie and Andy, which I'm looking forward to because we've never taken a vacation with friends before! Bennett's going to love spending the week with his buddy, Colby. They're both obsessed with the alphabet and know all their letter sounds so I have a feeling we'll be spending lots of time in the car reading books and playing with magnet letters. Our first road trip with Bennett...I can't wait!! (I know, I'm delusional. But hey, my friend, Emily, just drove from Iowa to Seattle with 2 babies and she survived. I think we'll make it!)


  1. All four of our babies are, and were, awesome travellers, even 12+ hour road trips. So it's definitely possible! I don't really think it's that different from any other parenting situation. Establish and stick to your standards and do little things to make it fun. I bet he'll do great! Enjoy your vacation and I hope your new niece comes soon, too!

  2. you totally will!!! lots of books and toys and if you want movies for when they are zoning out and needing to fall asleep. :) Good Luck!!! I figure they more they travel the more they are used to it, if you never do it they won't ever like it. We are flying to NC on Thursday and Mark and I will be holding a kid that I think is MORE PHYSCO than 2 days in a car. We are just soaking it up until the day Lillie is 2 and we do have to buy a seat.


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