Sunday, November 20, 2011

Better late than never??

Here are my kids trying on their Thanksgiving outfits. Festive, huh? Just kidding. I'm really 3 weeks late on posting Halloween pics.

At a trunk-or-treat at their cousins' church:

This year was the first hard core trick-or-treating we've ever done. We went for the full 2 hours in our neighborhood with some friends. The kids were crying and wanted to go home after the first hour but I said, "I don't care if your feet hurt, your mom is pregnant! You will keep going and get me more chocolate!" I'm totally kidding. They loved it. Bennett literally ran from house to house for 2 hours and Dawson, although quite the slow poke, loved it too. Except he has some learning to do since his favorite thing right now are "baby-pops" (lollipops). I tried to teach him to go for the chocolate but he's a stubborn little thing.

The little monsters (don't let the sweet snow white getup fool you, Sylvie is a wild one too! They're two peas in a pod. They just growl and scream at each other when they play.):

Bennett & Colin (aka Thor):

And even though she's not my child, I had to share a picture of my best friend, Candy's, little girl, Ava, as a paper doll. I think this is the cutest little girl costume I've ever seen! (and yeah, costume's are always cuter when you don't have to have full winter gear on underneath!):

(pic stolen from Facebook without permission :)