Thursday, July 30, 2009

another visit with quinn

Here are a couple of pics from our visit with baby Quinn today. She's as cute as ever and the whole family is doing very well. She's a teeny little peanut but you can't really tell in these pics.

Tomorrow night we're off on our road trip to Tennessee. We're driving through the night to make it easier on the two little boys but it most certainly won't be easier for the 2 preggos riding in the car! I'm definitely not looking forward to that but it seems to be the best option. Hopefully there are rest stops a plenty!! Can pregnant women take Nyquil? I should add that to my bag of snacks for the car...


  1. I remember driving through the night on a trip once when Layla was Bennett's age. It worked great for her! The only problem was that she was raring and ready to go on her normal schedule the next day and we could hardly stay awake! Let me know how it goes!

  2. You can take Tylenol PM! (like the cold and sinus night time stuff) I took it a few times while pregnant with Mason!



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