Thursday, October 1, 2009


I've been meaning to post some pics of newborn Bennett on here so you can compare to newborn Dawson. Its fun to figure out their similarities and differences. A few I've noticed so far...
Physically- Bennett came out with dark brown eyes. Dawson's are still just really dark grey. They both have Jon's cowlick in the same spot and pretty much the same amount of hair.
Temperament- Dawson's an easier newborn than Bennett was. He likes his pacifier and can keep it in for the most part. Bennett couldn't keep his in for a long time. Dawson's a much more efficient nurser. It only takes him about 10 minutes and Bennett always took a full 30 min. I kept wondering if Dawson was getting enough but he weighed a couple ounces more than Bennett did at his 2 week checkup! Good news :) Dawson also likes the swing a lot. Bennett would just cry when we put him in there the first few weeks. They both have to be swaddled to sleep but Bennett tended to fall asleep in the carseat with a blanket just tucked around him. Dawson has to be swaddled tight so he usually cries in the carseat. I went and got one of those swaddling blankets yesterday that you can use in the carseat-- hopefully that helps!
Scroll down to previous posts to compare to other pictures of Dawson. Here's one of Dawson from today:

And newborn Bennett:


  1. Can't believe how much Dawson looks like his big brother in Bennett's second picture! Too cute!

  2. i think dawson's nose is narrower!
    maybe not, but there's soooomething different.

  3. both of my kids were swaddle babies! Eva is almost 6 mos and has to be swaddled so tight in order to sleep...hey, whatever works!


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