Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On the Job

A couple of weeks ago I got to do hair for a wedding. I did the bride, the mother-of-the-bride, and three bridesmaids. I forgot to take pictures (like usual) so here are a couple of her wedding photos, courtesy of Capri Photography:
She was a very laid-back bride and not too picky, so that made it easy. All three bridesmaids wanted simple half-up do's without any curl so there wasn't much to photograph there. I love getting wedding gigs. Its so much fun to be a part of such an exciting day. And that day felt extra special since we had celebrated our 10th anniversary the day before, so I was feeling all nostalgic :)
The other "job" I recently took on was my first photography session! NO, I was not PAID for this one :) I had close friends looking to get some cheap family pics taken. I offered to do them for free, since until I had a nice camera, all I wanted was for someone to snap some photos every now and then of my kids with their nice camera. (My friend, Elizabeth, so graciously did it for us three different times! But once she had her 4th child in, like, 4 months, it was a little much to ask of her!) So I just wanted to pay it forward. It went pretty good, I suppose, for my first try. Definitely harder than I thought and so much pressure! (Well, not that much pressure since they were free, but still! I was more nervous doing this than a bride's hair, that's for sure.)

I know I have a lot of room for improvement, that's for sure. I almost signed up for a photography class that came through this week on Livingsocial but it was hard to pull the trigger on spending the $100 on myself. Thanks, Katie & Tony, for being great guinea pigs! All of my photos edited on


  1. are so talented!!!! The bride's hair is gorgeous! I had no idea you were so good with hair! Also, the photos are fantastic! People pay good money for photos like that! Great job lady!

  2. Beautiful hair and beautiful pictures! :)

  3. loving the pictures of the chiaramontes. you've got some mad skills, haverlee!
    let us know if you are ever looking for more practice. the borgman's are yet to have family pictures taken and i need to change that soon :)

  4. super, super, super, super, super job! I'm so impressed. Come take our pics!


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