Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day in Memphis

Per my Aunt Alicia's request (my Dad's sister who lives in Atlanta), we held a mini family reunion of sorts at my parents house this past weekend. It was for whoever could make it. Unfortunately my little sis, Claire, had to work, and my brother and his wife are just too darn far away. (We all hope that someday that won't be the case ;)
It was the first time we were at their house with Seth and Bethany and the girls so of course, that was a lot of fun for the kids to have their cousins there. We had a fun weekend, albeit not at all relaxing :)Hopefully in a few more years these road trips will be more fun and less work! Channing still doesn't sleep well at all in the car. He took four naps on the way down with a cumulative total of 35 minutes. So not fun. What are the chances he'll change his ways in a month when we drive down to Florida?? Crossing my fingers.
Jon and I and the boys stayed at a friend's cottage. There wasn't enough room for everybody at my parents so we volunteered to stay here instead. My parents lived here for 6 weeks before they found a house and we visited them here last year. Its the cutest little place in the woods and its the most peaceful thing ever to sit out on the screened-in porch in the morning. (Ok, so I lied. About half an hour of each day was relaxing ;) 
The big kids with Grandad! I just love this shot because everyone has such big natural smiles. A rare thing from a couple cute but stubborn kids :)

Every time they've been in a pool this summer, they've gotten better and better. This weekend, Jon taught Bennett to get a dive stick off the bottom of the deep end!! Holy cow, this kid is amazing in the water:
Dawson has done a little bit of swimming without floaties this summer but he definitely got more confident this weekend and went further. His eyes were always red and burning the whole weekend because he spent so much time swimming with his face in the water and wouldn't keep goggles on! So proud of my little fishies:
  Example A of stubborn kids ;) 
With Aunt Alicia. She worked hard to make friends with all our kids (who were too little to remember her last visit) and she won each and every one of them over by the end of the weekend! It was so much fun to have her there with us.
We even fit in a little kid-free shopping trip on Sunday afternoon (!!!!). I love shopping with my mom since we have such similar taste. I got a new light fixture for our dining room which I will blog about soon. And a trip to my favorite store ever, Anthropologie, made me one very happy girl. Our family came home late Monday night utterly exhausted but overall it was a wonderful visit, and so fun to get a few more pool days in!

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