Saturday, September 8, 2012

homemade granola bars

I'm not usually a recipe sharer on here because I generally keep it pretty simple but I had to share these! My friend, Emily, gave me this recipe earlier this summer and they've become a staple in our house. We've dubbed them "fridge bars". I was spending a whole lotta money on granola bars for the boys (since I generally looked for ones with more fiber and less sugar) and was tired of it. Now we make these almost every week. They're awesome because you can adapt them to exactly the way your family likes them! (I love dried cranberries but Bennett doesn't so we leave them out.)
If any of that is unclear, let me know. Everything is 1 cup except 2 cups Grain and 3/4 c of Sweetener.

 My ingredients:
Raw honey from Amish country that I get from Jon's Aunt and Uncle in PA :) Its expensive at Trader Joe's so this lasts us a long time.
And voila! A perfect afternoon snack (or breakfast on the run!). Keep them in the fridge for up to a week.

A few notes: It says use an 8 or 9 inch square pan. I like to use a 9x13. As you can see, they come out to be a nice size that way. If I have vanilla whey protein powder at home, I use about 1 1/2 scoops. Don't use a full cup. They turn out way too dry. And if you don't have protein powder, no big deal. I usually make them without. But then I use less honey (closer to 1/2 cup) since they stick together just fine. Also, I use two different seeds and do half & half (unsalted sunflower seeds and ground flax seeds, for example). Mix it up however you want! You can't really mess these up.

PS. I took a picture of that recipe with my phone. I'll text it to you if you'd like so you have the list when you go to the store. Or just copy and paste and email it to yourself :)
PPS. If you ever see mini dark chocolate chips or even regular size ones, please tell me where! I've only ever found those jumbo Nestle chips from Target and they're just too big. I chopped them up once but that takes forever.

Source: this recipe was in HyVee's magazine.


  1. Oh thanks for this! Just last week I was trying to find a good recipe for bars. Sounds yummy! Heading to the store now!


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