Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dawson's Big Day

I know you were thinking to yourself, "Man, I just haven't seen enough first day of school pictures lately". Don't worry. I've got you covered.
Dawson had his first day of preschool on Tuesday! Because of his late birthday, (September 14th. Tomorrow!!!) we had to make the decision weather to send him to school for the correct year (our cutoff date here is the 15th) or hold him back. It might seem like a "duh" to most moms of boys to hold him back since people hold their kids back even with late spring and early summer birthdays. But my birthday was Sept. 23rd and I was young for my grade (I started college at 17) and I always kind of liked the fact that I had a head-start on life. Jon also argued that it'll push him to be a better athlete because he'll be competing with older kids. But the closer it got to the preschool year and the more I talked to people and saw Dawson's personality and strengths and weaknesses coming out, I realized it'll be the perfect decision for him to hold him back. And really, if he'd been born one day later, I wouldn't have even had to decide. 

So we ended up sending him to Meredith Drive's 2 1/2 year program. I know, I know, 2 1/2 yr preschool seems a little completely unnecessary. I used to wonder why anyone would send their kid that young. Do you really just want your kid out of the house?? Well, like so many things we judge as parents, I'm eating my words (or thoughts). There are two reasons I'm sending Dawson this year. The first is because of his age. He's just a couple months younger than Bennett was when he started so he's definitely ready to participate in a preschool setting. Secondly, since Channing takes two long naps a day, we're really stuck at home a lot and don't have the flexibility to do fun stuff outside the house. Winter is a very long season in Iowa so the more we can do to break up the monotony inside, the better!
I wasn't as emotional as I have been when Bennett makes these big transitions but it still felt like a huge step for this little guy! I guess he still seems like my little baby in so many ways (maybe because he still uses a pacifier and wears diapers??! Yeah...we're working on that...) 
He clung to me tightly and buried his head when we first stepped into the classroom (which I secretly love) but within a minute he had warmed up and was doing his own thing. He had a great first day and I'm thankful for such a warm and loving environment for him to learn and grow in. We just love this school.  
I also signed Dawson up for his first session of Storytime at our library and he had his first one that day too! They were offering one at 1 o'clock which we can fit in between Channing's two naps. Its really really strange going to the library without Bennett because its one of his favorite places to go but it also feels good to have the focus and attention on Dawson.  

BIG steps for my little boy! So proud of the caring, passionate, observant, funny and smart little boy he's growing into!


  1. Way to go! I'm glad you are comfortable with your decisions! Sounds so good and maybe a little relaxing to have some time just you and the baby!

  2. i'm glad you're handling this so well! i, on the other hand, took one look at that pic of his tiny body wrestling the door open at preschool and felt a giant lump forming in my throat...i can tell i'm going to have a LOT of trouble when it's time to send lilah!!


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