Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Nana

To celebrate Judie's birthday, John booked a room at a hotel in Ankeny so that we could all go swimming! It was so much fun...especially in the dead of winter. Bennett didn't miss a beat from the last time he was swimming more than 5 months ago and was jumping in on his own and swimming around with his water wings on. Boy, does that kid take after his mom and dad though...he thought the big pool was too cold and spent probably 75% of his time in the hot tub. (And no, never more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time for all you safety nuts out there thinking, 'isn't he too young to be in there that much??'). We all had dinner and cake together after a couple hours of swimming and Nana and Poppy were sweet enough to let the newlyweds (Aaron and Bria) have the room for the night :) My favorite thing about being tight on money these days is that stuff like this seems so special now. That may sound cheesy, but I can't tell you how excited I was about it and how much fun it was telling Bennett we were going to get to go swimming. I just really appreciate my new found perspective on everything these days. You'd think we'd be feeling negative about a lot of things, but its the complete opposite--I find ways to think of everything as a positive now. We're so blessed and I love spending time with our whole family. Thanks again, Poppy! And thank you, Nana, for wanting your birthday to be a special day for all of us!
Dawson snoozing poolside:

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  1. Judie told me to check out your blog and now I know why! How fun! What a great birthday gift idea for a Nana who loves her grandkids and kids! I bet it was so fun. Bennett is so adorable. I'm sure you miss his curls...they were so sweet and wispy. But he looks adorable with the cut too! Looks like you're having fun! -Sarah


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