Thursday, February 11, 2010

Its setting in...

I've been at work part-time now for 3 weeks and the hecticness (I know, not a word) of it is starting to set in. I work Monday, and Tuesday, Wednesday we have playgroup, Thursday we have tumbling class, another playgroup in the afternoon and sometimes worship practice at night, then work again on Friday. Not much downtime in there and my house is showing it. On my days off, I just want to relax for the one hour (maybe!) I have during Bennett's nap. And in the evenings after the boys are in bed, I'm exhausted and just want to spend the time with Jon. So that leaves time for cleaning, um...never. I don't think that would fly with Jon. So somehow I need to get my own butt in gear and figure out a system. (And by system, I mean, figure out how to not be lazy during every moment of spare time!!)

I took these pictures after Bennett's nap the other day because his curls looked adorable. When I was pregnant with him, I used to hope and pray for a brown-eyed, curly haired boy but never really expected it. Jon's hair was straight and blond as a toddler and mine was always straight. Somehow God aligned our genes just right to give me this gorgeous little boy :) Most days his curls are pretty unruly so we have to do a lot of spraying and combing. I think its time for a legitimate haircut.



  2. Love it Have, after nap curls really are the best :) Lillie's hair is a lot like Bennetts, just blonde! Not much longer either! haha, poor girl!!


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