Friday, January 15, 2010

On a Roll

Dawson turned 4 months old yesterday. He doesn't go to the doctor until next week so I'll have to update his current stats later. He's getting better and better at rolling over. He's been much fussier lately...I'm realizing his determined personality is coming through. He doesn't really like his gym mat or his bouncy seat anymore because he can't really grab the toys and get them into his mouth which frustrates him to no end. And whenever he's flat on his back he tries to roll to his stomach. He gets mad when he can't get all the way over and he gets mad when he does because then he's stuck staring at the floor. Sheesh. Bennett didn't roll over until he was almost 5 months. He just wasn't as determined about conquering the physical milestones. I think we have a go-getter on our hands with #2!

Another boring video unless you're related :)


  1. I LOVE that video and I am not related! Super love the trapped arm...every babys nemesis for awhile!!

  2. Where did our little infant go? Already rolling over wow! So much personality already.

  3. LOVE pic #2. And, just for the record, I watch all of your video clips and I'm not related!


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