Thursday, January 7, 2010


I got a cordless stick vac for Christmas and just used it for the first time (Yes- I'm a dork and wanted a vacuum for Christmas. And yes...its Jan. 7th. Which means my kitchen floor hasn't been swept or vacuumed for 13 days. I have a couple friends in mind who may be passing out after reading that. Unfortunately, that's pretty good for me!) Anyway...back to the vac. I just had to write about how amazing this little guy is. My regular cleaning routine for my hardwood floors in my kitchen area involved hunching over with my dust buster for 10 minutes or so to suck up all the crumbs so I didn't have to haul my beastly vacuum out. And using the Swiffer spray and mop once a month or so (that's actually quite an exaggeration but I'm afraid some people wouldn't ever come over least without a HAZMAT suit on, if I fessed up to how many times I've actually pulled out that Swiffer since moving into our house almost a year ago). I digress.
So when I vacuumed those two weeks worth of crumbs from my kitchen floor, I was amazed at how incredibly lightweight, yet powerful this thing is! It picked up everything and I seriously felt like I was cheating somehow--it was just way too easy. I even did the rug in our living room and it worked great there too. I highly recommend it...I think they're only 30 or 40 bucks. Worth every penny.
I thought I'd share one other little miracle worker I can't live without. This little guy costs $0.99 at Target or Wal Mart in the travel size bottle section.
This has completely replaced my iron. I repeat...since I started using this a couple years ago, I haven't touched an iron. Granted, I'm not ironing collared shirts for my husband, but besides that, I think it could handle just about any clothing item. Put it on the mist setting, and while your shirt is still on the hanger, spray it a few times, wipe at the wrinkles with your hand, and POOF. Perfectly smooth shirts. Its brilliant to travel more creases in your khakis on vacation (and works much better than a hair straightener, which I've also used when there was no iron around!). It even works on jeans and heavy khaki shorts (I refuse to let my husband out of the house with a huge crease in his pants!). Just spray it before you get in the shower and it'll be dry when you get dressed. And I guarantee its easier on your clothes than the heat from an iron. I think its hilarious that my friends and I fell for the marketing ploy of Downy Wrinkle Release spray when we were in college. It worked wonders!! Who knew water did the exact same thing?!
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  1. Nice!! Thanks for the tips!! We have an "electric broom" but I never use it. It is too cumbersome. I have reverted back to a regular broom and dust pan. And we iron every morning! I will have to get myself one of those water bottles!

  2. oh man, i think i need one of those stick vacs. asking for a vaccuum for a birthday is probably just as lame as asking for one for christmas :)


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