Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Tumblin Tot

I just made a cup of hot chocolate and am savoring the lovely noise of nothingness in my house. A moment of heaven for a mom. These are few and far between now since, A) I went back to work and B) Bennett's not napping every day anymore. But man oh man, did he need a nap today. I think he spent about an hour this morning crying about everything before we got to his first tumbling class. My sister works out every day at a church in the area and they added a tumbling class for toddlers. Its only $25 for 10 weeks...shockingly inexpensive. So Bennett and his cousin Piper were actually the only ones there today in the second time slot they just added. The teacher does a wonderful job with them and they ran and jumped and rolled and somersaulted for 45 minutes. He told me his favorite part was jumping off the big mat. We got to watch through windows and cracked up when they were "freezing" when the music turned off. For some reason he thought he had to put one foot in the air when they froze so every time he'd try to balance on one foot with this serious expression on his face. It was so cute.

Crawling like kitties:
Practicing his roll (he was pretty good at this one but it was funny to watch them veer completely off course and roll straight for the wall):

Somersaulting down the ramp:

And rolling the balls:
I think this will be good preparation for preschool, which he'll hopefully start 2 days a week in the fall. I'm trying to get him into this program , which has come highly recommended from a trusted friend, but if anyone has kids currently in one of the government funded programs in the area and has anything good (or bad) to say about it, let me know. I know he's going to LOVE preschool so I definitely want him to start this fall. Thank goodness my friend told me to get on the ball...sign up started Dec. 1st, '09! Who knew you had to be so on top of these things??!!

And here's Dawson showing up Bennett with some flexibility moves of his own. This is his current position of choice:


  1. So sweet! I've heard great things about Meredith drive preschool! I learned A LOT about preschool last year..WHEW! Thankfully that is behind us! I can only imagine how much Bennett loves tumbling class!

  2. yes! MDR has an awesome program! i have a friend who sent her two girls there and couldn't say enough good about it. isn't it crazy how EARLY you have to start planning these things?! cute pics by the way!


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