Friday, January 8, 2010

The Indefinite Campout

This has become Bennett's new bed:

You may ask what in the world happened to his big boy bed, which we transitioned him into about 6 months ago. Well, he had to regress back to the crib when my parents stayed for a few weeks since we don't have a guest room. Bennett started sleeping in much later again in the crib so I decided to just leave him in there til Dawson was sleeping through the night. Well, Dawson's been sleeping through the night for a couple months but then we had more house sister for a couple weeks and now a close friend of ours who just moved back to Iowa. It was no big deal to keep Bennett in the crib (although he's been climbing in and out of it for months now...) but all of a sudden, this week, Jon found him a couple times with all of his blankets on the floor! He would pull them out of his crib and fall asleep near the door. This went on for a few days, and I even heard him crying one night at 3:45 so I went in and he was struggling to get his blankets out. So the next night I just brought up a sleeping bag for him. He absolutely loves it and is actually staying in bed better than he had been (he was always out of his room several times before he'd fall asleep) and he's actually sleeping in later than he has in over 6 months! He slept til 8:45 this morning...I was completely shocked. Next step...Dawson out of the bassinet in our room and into the crib now that its freed up :)


  1. Hey, it works! Just gotta choose your battles right? It's keeping the sanity in your household.

  2. this is especially awesome because...didn't YOU sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor back when we were poor?

  3. okay, we're still poor, but you know what i mean. :)


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