Friday, April 23, 2010

Stuck in limbo

So we're totally stuck in nowhere land in this good ole' phase of potty-training. When we're home and the diaper's off, he pees in the potty. But as soon as we have to go anywhere, the diaper goes on and the pee goes in the diaper. We're certainly not ready to jump to all underwear all the time (I really don't have the patience or the sanity to change wet pants 10 times when we're out and about) and unfortunately we're a family on the go. Our time at home with a potty in close proximity is short. I'm so new to this so I'm asking you other moms with busy boys to lend me your advice! I haven't even had time to buy a pack of pull-ups or even some more underwear. Hopefully we'll be hitting up Target tomorrow for some back-ups for Diego who's undergone some water damage. A family member tonight suggested putting him in underwear all the time with a pair of plastic pants over top so he's aware when he wets. I'll take any and all suggestions. Do I set timers so I remember to make him try every hour or so? Remember, I have mommy brain. I don't remember anything that doesn't cry or yell or beep at me.


  1. A timer worked great for us. Liam's issue was that he was always too busy to stop and remember to go (and I'd forget to ask), so if he heard the timer he knew he had to stop what he was doing and go. We started at 20 minute increments and then kept increasing it as he got the hang of it.
    He wore underwear at home, but I was too chicken to take him out without pull-ups on for the first few weeks until he proved to me he wasn't going to have accidents (we still keep a change of clothes in the car just in case!). I'd say try all this for a few weeks and if the accidents are numerous, he may just not be ready yet. Remember that it won't be like this forever!

  2. I am with you on this Haverlee. I am working on the same thing with Kendrick. Great when we are home, but I am not ready to try going out with just the underwear on. Not sure how to transition to that. Sometimes I will leave the underwear on with pull ups over it just so she can tell when she is wet. But that doesn't always help, she will ask for a diaper sometimes because she is just too busy and doesn't want to stop. She will have great days and then bad days. I have to work on remembering as well, maybe the timer will help me too and I have considered going the plastic pant route, just haven't yet :) Good luck! It will be nice to have only 1 in diapers and then in a couple years we get to do this again! Yeah :)

  3. I did underwear all the time and then plastic pants over them if we went out in public. I set the timer for 20 or 30 minutes and we would keep going until he went potty. I used a pull-up at naptime/bedtime only. We bought Ethan his own backpack and kept exta clothes and undies in there. We would go potty before we left the house (we wouldn't leave until he did--which took me a little extra time management)it really helped keep accidents from happening. Good luck!

  4. When potty training Layla, I asked for a lot of advice! The one that seemed to work the best and fastest is the one we went with! And that advice was (drum roll)......stay home for a week. Go to underwear full time (except naps and night, use pull-ups)and stay home. We are on the go as well and staying home sucked! It really did, I'm not going to lie to you! But the point is that the child understands this is it, this is the way it is going to be from now on. You need that consistency. By day 2 I wanted to cry! I didn't think she would ever get it and I wanted to go somewhere!!!

    BUT, Layla had it after 3 days and was doing naps with underwear after 5 days and was in underwear overnight after a few weeks. It's worth it!


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