Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jon of All Trades

My multi-talented hubby spent part of the day today re-attaching the front bumper that got ripped off our van this past winter (a certain male driver in our house had a bad run-in with a snow bank while backing out of our driveway and caught a piece of the bumper that was sticking out an inch and ripped the whole thing off. I won't mention any names. You can use your own process of elimination). He just ordered a couple of parts from Honda and practically slapped it back on there, good as new. I was thrilled to have my car back in one piece. Who knows how many hundreds of dollars he saved us with that one. Then later he installed this counter top over our washer and dryer, which will be much more convenient for folding clothes (or becoming a catch-all when walking in the back door. Sorry honey...I'll try really hard not to!!)

There's really nothing this man can't do and he never ceases to amaze me. Nobody teaches him any of this stuff either. He just figures it out. He's like the Doogie Howser of handy-men (except like, 15 years older). One of his first big construction projects was building a deck off of our first home after we were married. He did the whole thing after flipping through a book his mom picked up at a garage sale for a quarter. He's definitely expanded his repertoire since then and can pretty much do anything he sets his mind to. I'm quite certain that he could perform heart-surgery if he watched an instructional video on YouTube first. I told him today that he should start a handy-man business and his slogan could be, "Anything they can do, I can do cheaper".


  1. Good job Jon! And that is a great slogan - he should definitely use it! :)

  2. does he want to help us landscape? i just need design help and he did such a great job at your last house! what can he tell me about ornamental grasses????

  3. The counter looks great. You can't even see where he scratched the paint off the wall! He must have found the paint.


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