Sunday, April 18, 2010

Progress on the Potty

I never thought this day would come. My days of changing diapers and wiping bums (well, one little bum at least) are numbered!! Bennett has actually voluntarily peed and pooped on the potty a few times in the last few days! It started a couple days ago. We were at home and Bennett had a full diaper. I told him to take it off so I could put a new one on him and before I could diaper his naked cheeks, he declared, "I have to go pee pee!". So in my over-enthusiastic tone, I said, "You do??? Let's go to the potty!" So he went and sat. Nothing happened. I told him I had to go too so I did my business while he was trying to do his. And before I was finished, he said, "I peed!" And sure enough, the cutest little puddle of piddle was in his froggy potty. I'd never been so excited over a bodily function in my life. We called Daddy who was at a basketball game to tell him our exciting news.
Last night before Bennett's bedtime he stripped off his diaper and sure enough, those wonderful words rang out again, "I have to go pee pee!". I whisked him over to Mr. Frog and he did it again. He even got up when he thought he was done and we headed upstairs to get ready for bed and half way up he said, "I have to pee again!". So down we went and he peed again. Then, drum roll please, today he peed AND pooped in the potty while he was diaper-less. I was amazed! Unfortunately some of the poop ended up beside the potty and then he proceeded to step in it and then try to wipe it off his foot, but hey, we are making PROGRESS! A little smeared poop is just par for the course, right?
This is one of those milestones that you have no idea how exciting it is until you actually experience it. Obviously I'm a newbie at this though, because my other mom friends who are a couple months (or SEVERAL months into it) are probably groaning, thinking to themselves, yeah, just won't be so excited when you're in the middle of a store and you hear those words, "I have to pee pee" and the froggy potty isn't a convenient 20 steps away!! Or when your child's emergency pair of pants and underwear have just been peed or pooped in out in public! (Given that I've even remembered to pack an emergency pair!) But as for now, I'll just revel in my naivete and cheer Bennett on for every drop of pee that lands in the potty!


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