Monday, April 26, 2010

Lots of TV and Cavity Free

Today was quite a big day in Bennett's short life--his first trip to the dentist! We talked it up and told him how much fun it would be, but I really wasn't worried at all. I've flossed his teeth at home before (no, definitely not because I actually thought he needed it, but because he was curious when he saw me do it once) and we have yet to find anything that he's afraid of. The waiting room had all kinds of great activity tables and books- a huge plus. (Especially since Jon was in there with both boys for about 45 minutes while I had my turn after Bennett!) When it was his turn and he climbed up in the chair, the hygienist turned the TV hanging right above it to cartoons and he may as well have been sedated. He didn't move a muscle and hardly said a word. He just laid back with his mouth open while they cleaned his teeth. Nothing to it! Thankfully everything looked great and neither of us had cavities (phew!! I switched to Jon's dentist so we could all go to the same one and was about 2 years overdue so I was a little nervous!). Jon took the boys to the zoo while I was at work this morning so the hygienist was asking him what his favorite animal was. Without any hesitation and lots of inflection he said, "what has looong legs and a looong neck? That's right, you guessed it! A giraffe!"


  1. Where do you go to? That looks like our dentist. Missed you at church yesterday. Talked to B but he didn't have much to say. No chicken pox, huh?

    Your sister watched the kids last week. She was great! Thanks again for passing her number along :)

  2. Wow, that's so great how they have the cartoons over the chair! Such a great idea!


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