Sunday, April 11, 2010

On the Hunt

A week late, but here's some pics of the kiddos on Easter. I laughed at my friend Jennifer's post, saying that this was the first time she'd gotten an Easter pic of her kids together in a couple years because of course, we neglected to find a moment to take a family picture or one of the boys together. And neglected to take one of Dawson on his first Easter. Whoops!! Oh well. What do you expect, he's my second born! We'll try again (and possibly fail again) next year. We had a great morning at church, worshipping our risen Savior and then celebrated the sacrifice he made for us with our families. Of course the Colyer-Ottley team of chefs was en pointe again with a delicious meal and then we tore the kids away from their post-lunch movie for an Easter egg hunt.

Bennett's first Easter basket:

Judie's adorable chicks in a nest (edible grass and all!):

The only time the kids were still enough to snap a pic! (That Poppy is the wildest of the bunch :)
Hunting for eggs!:
I think his sugar rush is finally starting to wear off.

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