Tuesday, March 26, 2013

snapshots from spring break

Our spring break was very low key. We didn't leave town but I had grand plans of taking the boys on all sorts of afternoon activities and having playdates with friends and even a sleepover with cousins. But almost all of it had to be cancelled because Bennett and Dawson got sick. Of course. I was really bummed since Christmas break was kinda ruined with sickness too. But whatever. They're still young and won't even remember it.
And right in the middle of my pity party and pouting, I read this in my Jesus Calling devotional:
          I shower blessings on you daily, but sometimes you don't perceive them. When your mind is stuck on a negative focus, you see neither Me nor My gifts. In faith, thank Me for whatever is preoccupying your mind. 
So yeah, that sorta helped ;) I started enjoying the extra cuddles and an excuse to be lazy a little more. So we basically had a 4 day long pajama party in the middle of the week. We did a few fun things though to make it feel special.
Day 1: funny face pancakes for breakfast

 Bennett's idea to cut the banana lengthwise for the mouth:

Dawson wouldn't leave the face on long enough for me to take a picture. This was the second one he made which he said was an alien:
We went to the Red Rock Wildlife Education Center at our mall before the boys were sick (actually, Bennett started feeling bad while we were there.) This is a fantastic place to take little kids. It only costs $1 each and its all in one room. 

 The bear cubs we saw last year were much bigger now. I can hardly believe they stay in that little cage :( 
 We sat through a little presentation and got to touch this wolf at the end:
Channing just recently learned to climb the stairs so now he's officially all over the place and life went from total chaos to just plain crazytown. He's also been a total mama's boy lately. Don't know if its just the teething but he's been super clingy if we're at home. So....he cries a lot. And we leave the house a lot.

 And the sick one. Could this face possibly be any more miserable??? Ha!
Puzzles are a constant in our house. Both boys so far love them: 

We went to the botanical center when they were feeling better. They only lasted an hour but it felt like heaven to take off our coats and sweatshirts and feel the warm sun on our skin. Sad I forgot my camera. But at least I remembered all my children. And snacks. Cause, you know, we can't survive an hour without a snack.
I told them we were going to a jungle so Bennett was all disappointed when we left that there weren't jungle animals there. Whoops.

At one point, I turn around and see Dawson holding out an entire plant with the dirt and roots attached. I was horrified. "I just wanted to pick you a flower, Mom!" I grabbed the whole thing and tried to shove it back in the dirt before anybody saw while thanking him but explaining these flowers aren't for picking. It was quite comical. We got out of there fast so the pile of dirt on the ground didn't give us away.

We did this after dinner one night as an activity/dessert. It was quite a hit:

 Channing just thought it was a chubby bunny contest:

(yes, I watched him closely with the toothpicks for all you safety conscious moms who just thought about that ;) And look at those two funny dimples by his mouth!

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