Wednesday, March 6, 2013

a winter walk

Inspired by my family's visit and their willingness to brave the elements in favor of a little fresh air and exercise, in addition to a glorious sunny day (not to be taken for granted this time of year), we ventured out in the late afternoon last weekend for a walk in the snow. The sunlight streaming through the trees was beautiful. It was pretty cold but we were (nearly) all bundled up enough.
I love how Channing's breath caught the light:
 Always smiling, this one:
Nothing brings me more delight than seeing my boys using their imaginations out in nature. "Mom, we found the home of the big bad mouse!" Do your kids know the Gruffalo yet? They should.

Jon tracked this turkey and brought it home for dinner. Not really. But he could've. If he wanted to. Cause he's amazing like that.

 Ah...sunsets in Iowa are so....cold.
 Checking out Dad's deer stand:
And what the pictures don't show is Dawson's boots slowly filling with snow and eventually becoming so wet and freezing he couldn't walk (or stop crying)...45 minutes from the car. We had to swap his boots and sopping wet socks for my gloves. Ideally you don't take three kids under five on an hour and a half hike in the freezing snow. But it was a good adventure nonetheless. A very arduous adventure. I was seriously so worn out on the way back, carrying Channing in the backpack. Bennett and I were counting steps, just to distract ourselves. And I was telling him about soldiers and prisoners in WWII who had to walk for days in snow like this. Without boots. Or food. Cause, you know, perspective is everything. Jon's like, "you said you wanted exercise, right?". Um, yeah. An army workout wasn't quite what I had in mind. It really was wonderful, though. Time well spent. :)

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  1. great captures (and beautiful sunshine with your photos!!). it's nice to see outdoor Iowa photos, even in the winter : ). i always have good expectations of this kind of stuff and they result in the snow-in-the-boot moments ... good you have some effective distraction tools and that you enjoyed the hike!!


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