Wednesday, March 13, 2013

belated birthday

I meant to post these pictures from Channing's actual birthday a long time ago but I was also going to post all of his monthly pictures for the entire year and.....I still haven't taken his 12 month picture. Epic fail. It was really cloudy on his birthday and the day after and I was hoping to wait for some better light to take the picture. That was a big mistake because stuff just kept coming up and I still haven't gotten it done. And now he's super sick with Rotavirus. Ugh.
Anyway, here are photos from his birthday. I wanted to do something as a family to make it feel sorta special (at least for Bennett and Dawson) since his party was 5 days before, so I suggested frozen yogurt after dinner.

They started singing him Happy Birthday here, all on their own:  

It was a fun outing until the big boys started playing spy ninja and broke all three rules we laid out before we went inside (no running, no climbing on furniture and use soft voices). We have very few completely stress free outings with all three these days. But I was still glad we did something special to celebrate this sweet boy.
And today he officially said his first word! He's been mimicking certain sounds for a while but this one's going in the baby book:

Bennett in the "birthday boy" shirt:
And Dawson:


  1. Oh how sweeeet! I love seeing both of you on that video. He said, "Hi" so perfectly! Cute birthday shirt tradition too. And I think that's the fro-yo place you took me once. Fun post! p.s. I hope Ricky can play spy ninja and break the rules with your boys before they get too much older. :)

  2. such a darling video, and i love the brother singing photo! i hope Channing feels better - i keep hearing about so many infants/toddlers having it this season. we just tried OLeaf for the first time ... delicious! sending care.


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