Monday, April 1, 2013


Our Easter was very sweet. Sweet boys in fancy clothes, sweet baby animals at church, sweet babies, a sweet time reading the Easter story out of the boys' new Jesus Storybook Bible and lots and lots of sweet candy. The boys found their Easter baskets and opened them before we were even awake. I'm hiding them next year. I hate missing their faces when they open stuff. 
We made it to the 9:00 service at church...wait for it...ON TIME. But we were still stuck waaaay in the back because it was a packed house.

Bennett sang one song but they were poorly mic'd and weren't really singing much of it so it was quite anti-climactic. Oh well. Our church has the best Easter Sunday morning for the kiddos. Between services they have a big brunch and they bring all kinds of baby animals to touch. Its pretty much the cutest thing ever. But alas, I got NO pictures of it this year because we left the camera in the car in our haste, it was very chilly outside and we were doing our best to keep it short and sweet before Dawson got overwhelmed and out of control. (see last year's animals here) So we went back inside, let the kiddos decorate a cupcake and then went to Nana and Poppy's. 
Dawson getting the job done with Dad. And Bennett, taking his sweet 'ol time (yes, he's his mother's son):
A little down time before everyone else got home from their churches:

We didn't get a family picture this year. I decided it just wasn't worth the stress of making them pose again. 
It was so funny, as each family arrived it was, "Quick, take our picture, before everyone falls apart!" Bria and Aaron and Aben sat down for theirs and Dawson walks right up there and poses with them. This kid cracks me up. So we obliged him and took one :) Look at that face!
And then these three come in and sit down for their picture like it's their job!! I mean, come on, look at those perfect smiles! So evidently picture time isn't stressful for every family.
 All eight grandkids:
Some-bunny refused to nap:
But he was still sweet all day. Can I say this enough? It still blows me away to have a baby this age who will sit happily in one spot for more than a few minutes. I can't wrap my mind around it. He sat in his booster and chowed down on all the brunch food for at least half an hour, maybe more. He literally didn't make a peep the whole time. And then later he was playing in one spot, totally content for 30 or 45 minutes. Thank you, Lord, for agreeing that I could not handle anymore wild little monkeys!
Waiting to start the easter egg hunt. Bennett's got his eye on the prize:
And they're off.

Bennett takes these things quite seriously, can you tell? And Dawson was just overwhelmed and started crying because he was left behind:

 But we helped him. And he found his best buddy:
Talking through the Easter story with Resurrection eggs. The big kids had fun with this. Not too old yet before it becomes cheesy :)
 And Nana got her baby fix for the week with Grayson:
It was a great day, and fairly relaxing, which isn't always the case for a Colyer family gathering ;)  We're getting a better handle on how to help Dawson stay happy and in control (I'll blog about that later) and all the kiddos had lots of fun together. Bedtime that night was another story for the middle one. One too many pieces of candy?? Holy, moly. Today we are hiding the Easter baskets! 

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  1. how on earth have i not seen your blog before? LOVE it. your boys are just the cutest! must add you to my list of reads!


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