Thursday, April 18, 2013

A good old fashioned meltdown

I don't know why but I always find it slightly humorous to watch other children utterly and completely losing it. Is it a little sick of me to admit that? Maybe. I think it just makes my kids seem so normal (because I do question their normalcy on most days). So, if you too get a little satisfaction from other kid's ya go. If it stresses you out rather than makes you laugh, I don't recommend watching...unless you're drinking a glass of wine or something. They don't call it the witching hour for nothing. (And I apologize for the sideways video. Jon makes fun of me for doing that all the time. I always forget it won't switch directions on a computer.)
My parenting skills kind of go out the window while shooting video of my children. So I assure you this was all dealt with in a responsible, loving and patient manner when I turned off the camera.
Oh, and P.S. My brilliant stocking stuffer gift of a vibrating light-up toothbrush has been used for everything besides it's intended use. Like whacking brothers' heads.


  1. It is validating (and normalizing) to have a snippet of tantrums, especially ones I can relate to (between two brothers). Eerily familiar, and of course a little video doesn't take away from your normal, nurturing reponse : ). I thought of you earlier this week because we are attempting (ha) to wean our "Dawson Double" from the pacifier and I'm thinking we may have to take him to a detox clinic! If we do, I'll make a video (haha). Have a good (better) week!

    1. Just realized I can reply to individual comments on here, so let me know if you get this. I'm curious!
      Good luck on the weaning!! I'm SO dreading it and we keep pusing back our timeline! We're having really rough days around here with bedtime and night waking so we're not doing it anytime soon!

  2. That's my day sometimes times 4 when everyone feels the need to start crying and losing it together. Oh who am I kidding. sometimes I'm crying right alongside everyone else. :) So refreshing to know it's not just our house because sometimes it feels like it!

  3. "It's not a's a toothbrush." Oh man, this cracked me up.

  4. This is like a comedy routine to me. they are just adorable, even in the middle of a tantrum.

  5. Seriously...if you showed up at my house around 5pm you'd see the same tantrum just different kids! Witching hour is right!


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