Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Photo Dump

Here's a little smorgasbord of photos (from my phone) for you that don't quite deserve their own post but deserve to be blogged!
One evening after we'd had a huge storm, I put the boys' suits on and we went out for a puddle walk. This was so much fun. We'll definitely have to make it a summer tradition while they're young. 
We live in a really pretty neighborhood and this pond is just a few minutes' walk from our house. Our library is just past that barn.
Dawson's first dentist appointment! I was a little nervous about whether or not he'd cooperate. He did well for a while and then he'd just change his mind and clamp his mouth shut every few minutes. I was able to convince him to open it back up again each time but at the very end when the dentist came in to have a look, he outright refused. He was just done. (This didn't surprise me one bit!) Thankfully after several minutes of coaxing and pleading and all my tricks failing, I had the idea to open his new Tow Mater toothbrush and that worked like a charm. The dentist worked around him while he had his mouth wide open and brushed his own teeth.
 Bennett was so sweet. While she was adjusting the chair, he kept saying, "I'm right here with ya, Daws. I'll be right here."
We visited the Red Rock Wildlife Center located upstairs in Merle Hay Mall--totally worth a trip, if you're local. They only ask for a $1 donation per person! The boys had gone twice before with Judie but this was my first time. They bring out different animals for you to pet every 3 hours. We didn't get to pet the coyote but we did get to pet the bear cub! (She also brought out a opossum. I didn't think that one was photo-worthy).
This bear cub made the craziest noise the whole time she held him. She said he was purring. It sounded like a noisy air conditioning unit. He sucked on her hand the whole time too.
 And in case you were having a bad day, this one will snap you out of that:
And if you were having a good day, just the thought of this one will probably put you in a bad mood (I'm kidding. This trip actually went surprisingly well):
And lastly, a few shots from our Memorial Day (not from my phone). We spent it at the pool that belongs to a family from John & Judie's church that we've been going to for summer holidays since Bennett was a baby. Bennett actually had his first sleepover that night too...with his cousin Caleb (who just moved out of John & Judie's house and into their new house in Ankeny! They love it and we're all so happy for them to have more space). The backpack was Jon's idea so he had room for his pillow pet:

Smiles for Nana:

Side note: I made semi-homemade whoopie pies from this recipe and they were delicious and easy. (Side side note: if you do make them, this recipe made way too much frosting. Not a problem in our house since we just used the leftovers on Graham Crackers at home :) Also, I made half with Devil's food cake and half with carrot cake. Both turned out great.)


  1. Have, were you reading the New Strong Willed Child Book?

  2. Love all the pics, your phone takes good photos.
    I can totally relate to the shopping pic. The food in and on the car seat. Classic!
    Swimming sounds fantastic!


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