Thursday, June 7, 2012

A whole hand

Yesterday my sweet boy, Bennett, turned 5! We had one of those days that will go down as perfection in my books. I'm going to remember it for a long time. Jon was out of town and I'm sad that he missed it. (He'll be here for his actual party. Not to worry.) We started out his birthday week on Sunday with a trip to the cereal aisle at Target. I started a yearly tradition last year with him where they get to choose whatever box of cereal they want to eat that week. My mom asked if I was living out my childhood dreams through my children. Yes. Yes, I am. So he ate his Trix for breakfast and then around 11 when we were all loaded up and off for the day, we drove through Krispy Kreme for a birthday donut. They chose chocolate with sprinkles. I chose original glazed (two, if we're being perfectly honest here). Then we drove to a park that we hadn't been to this year yet (Greenbelt).

"Mom, can we go down there?" Thinking....thinking....thinking. What's the worst that could happen? "Sure!"
So down we went, under the bridge. Channing sat peacefully in his stroller above our heads where I could hear him. It made me chuckle though, every time I heard a bike ride over. They had to have been wondering who abandoned this baby, but no one stopped! I love letting my boys play in creeks. They're in hog heaven. I just wish we had some pretty ones around here with actual rocks and boulders rather than broken up concrete. Ha!

After the park, we grabbed some lunch and drove over to Judie's. The two little boys napped there and I surprised Bennett by taking him to a water park in Ankeny. He was so excited. We hadn't been to this new one yet. We pulled up and they only took checks & cash (seriously? I didn't know any place like that existed anymore). So back we went to Judie's. My always positive, rarely complaining son pipes up from the back, "Well the good news is, it's a short drive back!"
I asked a lifeguard if Bennett could ride the big slides. She said yes, in a double tube together. So we waited in line at the top during the 10 minute swim break. We finally get to the front of the line and she measures him and says, "Sorry buddy. Not tall enough this year". Seriously?? Dang, I was so frustrated. We paid $7 each to get in and he couldn't even ride the slides. But I tell ya, that boy didn't complain at all. We still had a lot of fun and it was so wonderful to run around and swim with him, just the two of us. He said at least three times, "That was so fun, Mom!"
We went back to Judie's to pick up the rest of the gang and headed out for Bennett's birthday dinner at McDonald's (I refrained from veto-ing that choice on his birthday). He opened a couple presents from us and they had fun at the playplace. Then we went out for ice cream. The boys did great and it was a stress-free evening (aside from the part where we were leaving and couldn't find his new Leapster game. Yeah, the ones that are about 1 inch x 1.5 inches big. Bennett said he gave it to Dawson to look at. Dawson said he put it in the trash. I actually dug through the little trash can in the bathroom stall where Judie had changed him for that $20 game. Judie ended up finding it in the play area. Phew. Disaster averted.)
I kept asking Bennett how it felt to be five and the whole day he insisted, "I'm not five yet. I haven't eaten my birthday cake!" So in his mind, he won't be five until his party on Saturday, when he blows out the candles. If only it worked that way...I just wouldn't ever make him a birthday cake so he could stay my baby forever!
I couldn't help but think about this ice cream outing we had on his first birthday.
Bennett, I am so proud to be your mama. I've heard on multiple occasions from friends and teachers that you're a delight and such a sweet boy, even when I'm not around, and that makes me want to burst with pride. I know not everyone can see it, but I have the great honor of being with you day in and day out and I see your great sensitivity towards others. You so rarely get mad about anything. If something upsets you, you get sad about it. You just exude love for your brothers. You're constantly hugging and kissing both of them. And you're so encouraging. I love hearing you say, "Good job, Daws!" And I'll try not to brag on here about how smart you are but I get so much joy out of watching that brain of yours in action. Your reading has exploded over the last month or so and you can read all the easy reader books we bring home...and with fluidity and inflection! You've learned that I love to hear you so much so you take advantage of that and stay up later by reading to me :) You're no stranger to punishment though! You've always been a sneaky little thing and try to get away with all kinds of stuff like drawing on things, sneaking food and sneaking out of the house with your brother! You are one brave boy and I'm proud of the way you try new things and don't hold back! You're also quiet and introspective. My hope for your life is that it's filled with lots of adventure and fun. I also hope you learn to express your feelings and share them with me and your dad. I don't want you bottle stuff up inside like I always did! And most importantly, I hope you choose to follow Jesus with your whole heart and serve Him with your life. That tender heart of yours will take you far in this life. I can't wait to see how God uses it to touch others. Happy Birthday, my sweet sweet boy.


  1. What a fun day! I'm inspired to do the same for my kiddos on their b-days.
    Bennett is a sweetheart.

  2. precious - he will love reading this blog as he gets older - Bennett, we love you so much!!

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  4. What a fun day for Bennett! I love how you made it so special for him...breakfast treats, creek fun, waterpark with just you and him, dinner out, ice cream, presents. Oh and your sweet blessings you write for your boys. Happy #5 Bennett!!!


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