Monday, May 31, 2010

Bringing the Heat

Its finally summer around here and we're taking full advantage of it. Its been in the 80's for a couple weeks now and it feels glorious. Summer is way too short here in Iowa so I feel guilty whenever we're not outside enjoying it! We've had a really fun (and really busy) weekend. My baby sister, Claire, graduated high school yesterday (and yes, she had the loudest cheering section out of 400 students thanks to my hubby). After 28 years of child-rearing, my parents are officially empty-nesters! I think they're the ones who deserve the congrats! We had some extended family in town to celebrate and after the ceremony we went to Centro for dinner. After dinner the rest of our family headed home but the night was still young, so Seth and Bethany and Jon and I took advantage of our child-free evening and went back in for dessert (the guys were stuffed but somehow Bethany and I devoured two desserts between us. We'll use the "nursing-mother" excuse) and thoroughly enjoyed talking and laughing without any interruptions. You'll have to check here for cute pictures from yesterday since I didn't take any.

Today we spent all day at a pool in Ankeny, owned by a family in the Colyer's church who let us use it when they go to their lake house. We've spent many holidays here over the past couple of years and always have so much fun (as in, I get to actually lay out by the pool with a magazine during Dawson's nap while Bennett is fully entertained by a grandparent. Heaven!!) Today was no exception. The weather was perfect and Bennett spent 4 HOURS in the pool with Poppy. For a little while he had the undivided attention of both his grandpas and was having a ball. He could even touch the bottom in the shallow end on his tippy toes! I couldn't believe it. I can still picture him so clearly there two years ago when he was on the pool steps as a 1 year old and was just stepping out into the water, trusting his Nana to catch him. Dawson took on that role this year. He loved the water and would start crying every time Judie pulled him out.

The highlight of Grandma's day:
Of course Jon had to find something for Bennett to do a death-defying jump off of. The day just wouldn't be complete without a Parkour video of Bennett!
One tuckered out little boy:


  1. So much fun! I am jealous!!! Absolute perfection!!

  2. Bennett looks so big in his car seat!! Looks like yall are definitely enjoying summer! How fun!! LOVE your new main picture! Too cute!!

  3. I love the new pic up top! Looks like you guys had fun

  4. love the naked butt picture at the top!


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