Monday, May 3, 2010

Bringing a little country to the suburbs

Look what I missed while I was at work today!

These are our neighbors, Andy and Julia. I think their uncle found the pig on the side of the road somewhere and the kids were having a blast playing with it before it finds a new home at a farm. So cute! She looks like a little Charlotte :)


  1. Awe! It's Wilbur! We had a baby goat at our house last week. Long story, parents raise goats and she had some issues after birth and is on a bottle...about the size of a puppy and super cute. Glad to see Bennett was introduced to farm life!

  2. Where are Bennett's pants??

  3. That is obviously a city pig....way too clean!

  4. Oh...I bet Bennett LOVED this!!! old is Julia? She looks exactly like a little girl that was in Blake's preschool class and her name was Julia. Wondering if it is the same girl, although she looks younger than Blake...


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