Monday, June 7, 2010

Wild Thing, you make my heart sing!

The big day finally came...and went. We had Bennett's third birthday party on Saturday and he officially turned 3 yesterday. I love planning and celebrating birthdays and this year I commissioned my mother-in-law because she's the party theme queen. She's creative and crafty...two areas I can always use help in. We had so much fun planning a Where the Wild Things Are party for my very wild boy. I searched the blogosphere and found some adorable ideas. It started with this (which I copied from here):

My friend, Elizabeth, is my go-to-gal for a lot of things. I knew I could ask her help on making these invites. They turned out perfect. She's pretty much a super-mom. She has 3 kids under 4, and one on the way, which in its own right, qualifies you as super-mom. And yet she does a million other things on the side, including awesome photography. So anyway, maybe she never cleans and sleeps 4 hours a night. I know that's not true, but it'll make the rest of us feel better.
We kicked off the royal rumpus with storytime:

The "wild things" were instructed to roar and gnash teeth and show claws at the appropriate times:
Next was the Pin the Tail on Max game:

Judie outdid herself on the Max costume. I'm sure there won't be any mischief from this sweet thing!:

I love how their personalities came out in this pic:
And the piece de resistance (copied from here):

So proud of himself : )
And some wild presents:
The goody bags with color coordinated candy, of course!:

And then things got even wilder...

I couldn't think of a better way for a 3 (or 30) year old boy to end a birthday party!


  1. haha, cute! everything turned out great!!! i think the mud-run puts all the other wild thing parties to shame!

  2. Thanks Hav, awesome wild thing party - so much FUN,

  3. Perfection!!! What a blast!! Great job, mama!!!

  4. That looks like so much fun! The boys would have loved playing in all that mud! Happy Birthday Bdog!

  5. Happy Birthday Bennett!!! What a party! You did a great job Haverlee. I love party planning too.

  6. WOW! Great job on the party Haverlee! It looks like so much fun! I still feel bad I didn't get the other words to you - but I LOVE the chalk idea - I think that worked out better. :)
    Happy Birthday Bennett!

    And PS you're right - I never clean. :)

  7. I am throughly impressed! Everything was perfect from the decor, the cake to the mud pit! You (and your crew) did an amazing job! I couldn't imagine a better theme for a three-year-old boy! kudos Have!

  8. You captured it by blog in all it's glory! Thanks for letting me fulfill my nana dreams by helping out.

  9. what, the picture of me and briggs naked in the mud wasn't good enough for the blog??

  10. Too cute and looks like so much fun! Fits bdog and Jon too a tee!!


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