Thursday, June 10, 2010

3 short years

And so much life. How do you sum up 3 years of life with a child? Tiring, invigorating, stressful, calming, hard, wonderful, emotional, joyful...parenting brings out the best (and often worst) sides of your personality and character. I've realized how methodical and scheduled I am but with enough spontaneity to let a boy be a boy. I've realized how selfish I am when I begrudge my children the fact that I can't eat when I want (or at the temperature at which I prefer my food!) or read or relax when I want. I've realized how strong I can be when I'm beyond exhausted but can muster that last bit of enthusiasm and energy to still have fun and be patient with him. I've realized no matter what life brings, I will still take over an hour to get ready in the morning. People said I'd learn to move faster...I haven't. I'm just later. I've learned how much I love to learn and to teach, because I get the most joy out of watching Bennett learn new things. I've learned how much pride goes into parenting and that watching your child succeed at something is just as satisfying (if not more so) as succeeding at something yourself. I've been confirmed a hundred times over that being a mother is and always has been my greatest calling in life. I hate even working two days a week and feel so loved and fulfilled when every time I've been away for more than 5 minutes, Bennett shouts, "Mom!" when he sees me and runs full force to me and hugs me. These years are hard and I truly look forward to when our kids are a bit older and we can do all kinds of fun things together but with age comes far fewer snuggles and kisses and "Mom, can you sleep with me for a second?". I love consoling Bennett after he gets hurt in the way that only a mother can. I hope he always wants me to read to him. I hope he always needs me. I hope he always knows that he's a part of me- a huge part of my heart walking around on this earth, vulnerable and fragile. He's exactly what I imagined he'd be- wild, sweet, rough, sensitive, smart, funny and caring. And so much more. God created a one of a kind and he's amazing.

1st Birthday
The first time he came out of the bath with curls...I remember trying so hard to get this picture so they'd show!
2nd Birthday
If he had no toys and only books, he'd still be content!
June 6th, 2010. My attempt at a special birthday breakfast in the rush to get to church!
We love you Bennett. More than you'll ever grasp...until you have kids of your own!


  1. He is such a cutie! I can't believe he's 3! And it's amazing that when you look at his newborn pic in the hospital - it's still how he looks today. You can completely tell it's him. Happy Birthday Bennett!

  2. You described it as only a mother can! I sat here tears streaming down my face reading. Happy Birthday Bennett---Auntie and Uncle Gary love you very much, too!

  3. Triple love love love this post!! You are an amazing mom to an amazing boy!! Funny how that happens...:-)

  4. That last line really got me! So true. And then you'll love his wife someday too! Each of these pics brought back so many fun, wonderful memories. I loved hearing your mama heart for this precious little bundle of curls.

  5. Cute new layout!! Love it!

    And I totally need a WWKE bracelet!! And skinny shopping is going to be MEGA fun!! Definitely motivating!!

  6. couldn't have said it better...I was moved to shed "mom" tears. You're a great mom!


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