Sunday, June 13, 2010

Success at Last!

I know this is one of those posts that's much more exciting to me than anyone else, but just indulge me :)
Bennett is officially potty-trained! He's been in strictly underwear since Thursday morning and hasn't had a single accident!! And the most shocking thing to me...he's woken up dry for the last 3 nights too! I can hardly believe we've crossed this milestone. I've been so proud of him. Although, he still doesn't quite have down the social rules of potty-use. I warned them when I dropped him off at Sunday School this morning that this was his first week out in underwear and to just be ready to take him to the bathroom. I heard afterwards that part-way through class he dropped his drawers to his ankles and shouted, "I have to go pee-pee!" (Two weeks baring it all at church...sheesh! People are going to wonder if this boy ever wears clothes at home! Ummm...he doesn't. Ha!) He kind of made up his mind about all of this on his own. For several weeks, I've made him leave his diaper off at home if we happened to be at home all day (this would be maybe one or two days a week) but he usually put up a bit of a fuss and always preferred his diaper. And then, boom, all of a sudden, after a full day at home this past Thursday, and Friday at his Nana and Poppy's, he says, "I don't wear diapers anymore. I wear underwear." And that's that!


  1. YAY!! WOOHOO!! WOOT WOOT! That is SO exciting!!!! Congratulations on having only one in diapers!!! Way to go, Bennett!!

  2. Way to go Bdog! Love the Sunday School episode...only boys! :)

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  4. When they make up their minds--they do it! Riley told Amy when he was 3 he would go on the potty, the day he turned 3 he never wet his pants again! Boys---gotta love them!!! Way to go Bdog!!!


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