Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

And since we live in Iowa, we did our trick-or-treating last night. (The Midwest is weird like that...) Of course it was cold but lots of fun! Its cool being in the same spot a year later and thinking about how our kids have changed. Dawson and Sylvie were basically toddlers last year who couldn't even speak in full sentences and were little slowpokes all night! This year they were running with the pack. And Channing was much warmer last year in his cozy little womb.
From left to right: sweet butterfly (Quinn), stubborn butterfly (Piper), ornery Max (from Where the Wild Things Are), Turtle Man (Colin. No, none of us knew who that was either :), sweet little skeleton, a beast named Bennett, and Merida from Brave (Sylvie).
These nights always get rushed at the last minute when you're trying to get three little ones fed and dressed and face-painted (and re-face-painted when they accidentally rub it off) and photographed before six so we quickly threw them together for a picture and just took what we could get. Here's Max and a Wild Thing:
Judie made that Max costume for Bennett's 3rd birthday. I told myself when Bennett was a baby that I would never buy costumes. It seems like a crazy waste of money when kids only wear them once and I have so many friends I can borrow one from but I found that blue monster on clearance last year at PB Kids and I couldn't pass it up. Plus all three boys will wear it so I'll get my money's worth.
I stole this shot from my sister's tumblr so you could see their butterfly costumes better. They looked so adorable and I just love when siblings coordinate: 

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