Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 months.

This little angel baby continues to melt my heart every day. He is just so darn sweet. I can see it in every part of him. And boy, oh boy, is he laid back. He finally figured out just this week how to roll from his back to his belly (he's been doing belly to back for 4 months!). He can easily scoot around in a circle and can go backwards a little bit but doesn't go forward at all. What more can you ask for in a third child than that?? :) The longer he stays put, the easier life is for me. I watched my nephew, Aben, last week for a half day. He's 5 weeks younger but is army crawling and rolling everywhere. Holy cow, that was nuts. I really forgot what it's like to have a crawler. Needless to say, I didn't get much done that day!
We've actually had a rough few days with this guy, which is so unusual. Bennett had some weird 12 hour fever that left him super tired and without an appetite. Channing came down with it the next day. On top of the fever and teething, he's also had a minor ear infection. I finally got him into the chiropractor yesterday and he's been much happier today. So I suppose I can't complain at all about the three or four rough days I've had with him over the course of his eight months of life!
 Not feeling so smiley for our photo shoot yesterday:
Let's see, what else is my little chubs up to? As you can see above, he sits up great on his own now. He's more adventurous with food but still hates green veggies and anything chunky. I still only give him solids once or twice a day (and he nurses four times). He has his bottom two teeth and I know several more are not far behind. He loves being in the tub (although he's not in there that often!). He's usually content when we're out and about but I can't push his naps too far back or he gets really fussy. He takes two naps during the day that are between 1 1/2 and 2 hours and most days still takes an evening nap too. If we're out somewhere, he can skip the evening one, no problem. He smiles for anyone and everyone and doesn't really show any separation anxiety yet. He laughs very easily now and a couple times I've heard him laugh to himself when he's playing with a toy.
I've never wanted to slow down time so much than with this little lump of love. I just cherish every day with him.

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  1. oh boy! seeing your adorable little channing is making me so excited for baby #3!!! BTW where did you get his adorable hoodie? Love it!


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