Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Channing is now seven months old!! Sheesh. That sounds old. (So does 30 but we won't go there.) In case you were actually keeping track, I didn't write a post at the six month mark. That was because I wanted to include his stats since he hadn't been to the doctor since 2 months (we switched peds in there) and his appt wasn't until he was 6 1/2 months. At that point, I figured I'd just combine them.
Forgive the ugly onesie. I always try to put something I love on him but he'd outgrown his 3-6 month stuff, I don't have much summer 6-12 and I'm pretty sure I needed to do laundry that day.
 On Dawson's lap at one month:
 He fills up a lot more lap now!
 His first backpack ride (8/19)! He loved the view and he looked so cute in there:
 He and his cousin, Aben (5 weeks younger). They're buds already:
Channing loves the jolly jumper. Stick around for the surprise ending:
At his appointment, he was 18.5lbs and 27in. He started out smaller than both Bennett and Dawson and now he's the biggest at that age! His bottom two teeth are so close to popping through, I've felt them just under the surface for a few weeks now. The doctor said he has about 6 more coming soon too. His cheeks have been all red for a while now (Bennett's did that too). He had horrible diarrhea that lasted about a week which resulted in bad diaper rash. Not sure if it was from the teething or a reaction to his first immunization. But thankfully once we finally got to the store for some bananas, it went away.
I wanted to get a closeup of his hair. Its really growing fast now and has come in a ton in the last month (he has way more than the other two did at this age). It sticks straight up all around the crown and lays fairly flat everywhere else:
...and his eyes. So far they're still dark grey around the outside with a faint brown circle around the pupil. (Bennett's were chocolate brown when he was born. Dawson's turned brown earlier than this, so I'm wondering if Channing will have my hazel eyes):
He is still so easy going and smiles at anyone. He's in that grabbing and pinching phase and sometimes I forget to warn people who hold him. Oh yeah, sorry he just ripped a chunk of flesh from your body. Whoops.
The doctor asked me if he was starting to sit up on his own and I said, "Oh no, he's so laid back. He doesn't even try. He's nowhere near sitting up on his own". About two days later I walked into our room after Jon had been with him and he was sitting up completely straight with his back against our headboard. I was like, "Oh my word! He does sit!" And then I realized I had been in complete denial that this kid will ever even move. The prospect of three little boys terrorizing the house at the same time must be too much for my subconscious to handle :)  I'll probably just push him over every time he tries to stand. With your first, you encourage every little milestone and cheer them on! And now with my third I'm perfectly content with this laid-back dude just watching from the sidelines.
Other notables from months 6 & 7: He finally has the hang of eating from a spoon. Those first few weeks of introducing solids are a bit of a pain, while they're trying to figure out how to keep the tongue in the mouth while they eat. He's still pretty picky. The whole, "introduce veggies first and fruits later so they don't prefer the sweet stuff" went out the window when his tummy was so sick that week. So now we basically mix banana with most stuff. He'll now do half peas and half banana so I'll just keep experimenting. I understand now that these sorts of things won't ruin them for life so I'm not worried about it.
I've started supplementing with frozen breastmilk for his last feeding when my supply is low at night. And I generally just feed him solids for his 3rd feeding. He started waking up anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30am (as opposed to 9 or later!) so that's been a little rough since I could at least sleep in on Saturdays. But I figure its the teething. Plus, it works better for him to be on an earlier schedule so I can pick Bennett up from school rather than him riding the bus home for 30 minutes.

 'Cause sometimes you can't pick just one:
Love every one of those faces. Slow down, little man. :( 


  1. He's stinking adorable!!!!!!
    Love each of those pictures.

  2. Just love this little man and his quirky hair, chubby cheeks and sweet demeanor.


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