Saturday, October 20, 2012

Four Eyes

I've wanted glasses since I was a little girl. Remember when you were like, 6 or 7, and you thought glasses and braces and retainers were where its at?? I still vividly remember a dream I had when I was 5 or 6 (back when we lived in Augusta, GA and I shared a double bed with my sister). In my dream, there were all these teenage girls in a room, kind of cartoonish, and every one of them had either glasses on or retainers and they were all wearing cool exercise gear-- leotards and spandex and leg warmers (think 80's jazzercise). For probably the next year, I would lay in bed at night, picturing it all in my head, hoping I'd have the same dream. For reals.
I didn't get braces until the end of my sophomore year of highschool, WAY after everyone else had them so it was pretty much the most uncool thing ever. And I did get to finally wear leotards when I randomly joined the gymnastics team my freshman year (despite the fact that I'd never taken any gymnastics). But I never really stopped wanting glasses. I've always been a total bookworm and am proud of my inner nerd and glasses just sort of fit that persona. So, a perk of getting old, the rest of my dream finally came true. I got my first pair last year from Vision for Less just for watching TV at night but I've been wanting another pair to keep in my purse for night driving. My sister told me about Warby Parker. Have you heard of it? Its an online company that carries exceptional quality eyewear but at a fraction of the price because they cut out the middleman. The ship you five pairs at a time for free to try in your home for five days. Here are my top three:
A couple notes: Firstly, its extremely hard to take a good self portrait. Secondly, I wasn't trying to strike a pose in the last one, they were just crooked so I was holding them straight. And lastly, the choice is pretty clear after seeing these pics that I like C the best. But maybe in a lighter color (those are the whisky tortoise matte). The Langston is pretty much identical to The Nedwin so I may order another five pairs in those two styles to decide on a color. Watcha think? Agree, disagree??


  1. i like "C" best -- looks perfect for your hair color and face shape. i think the new frames add 20 points to your IQ : ). i recently had my eyes tested and i was disappointed that i didn't need glasses!

  2. I like C! Maybe in Amber but I do like the Whiskey Tortoise Matte.

    Happy Picking Out Cute Glasses, 4 Eyes!!!

  3. I recently had to get reading glasses and was also kind of excited. :P I Love option C on you! What's funny is I used to dream of getting braces too but never needed them because I had super straight teeth. Now as an adult I need them because my front teeth don't go to together- but an adult with thanks. :/ Funny how that works. :)


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