Monday, July 30, 2012

5 months.

Channing is 5 months old now. He seems to be growing into his sweet but sensitive personality. He startles easily (he constantly jumped at loud noises when he was in the womb- much more than Bennett or Dawson ever did) and loves to be held but he's generally happy all the time. And boy is he laid back. I remember around 8 weeks, Bennett was always pushing on his little legs and loved to "stand up" when you held him on your lap and I always considered him pretty laid-back. Channing still doesn't even really do that! He rolls over easily to his back now but that's it. And boy, am I thankful. It has always been impossible to keep up with Bennett and Dawson. They're constantly touching, grabbing, knocking over, ripping apart, throwing and just generally destroying everything they come in contact with. So if Channing decides to be a little more restrained, I will be delighted.
I have no clue how much he weighs right now. We missed his 4 month appt because our pediatrician left her office and we had to find a new one. Bennett's Kindergarten checkup was the top priority and I don't start vaccinations until they're 6 months old so I just decided to skip the 4 month checkup to make life a little easier.
He's just about too long for this basinet now so we'll be forced to switch the boys around (Dawson to the new bunkbeds in Bennett's room and Channing to the crib).
Here's his current room--our closet. He's such a sound sleeper, we can leave the door wide open at night and I don't hear him at all. I love when he wakes up and peeks his little head up:
 Good morning, Sunshine!

 Where should we go today, Channing? Let's plot a route....
 Don't show Mom. She might follow us...
 Geez, Channing, hog all the toys, why don't ya?
When my sister, Claire comes over, I make her take pictures of us:
Early morning kisses (or it could have been the evening. Who knows. Sometimes the jammies never get changed):
  I had to take advantage of Dawson feeling cooperative. I love looking at these faces all day!: 
If Bennett is in the same room as Channing, they're touching:
Squeaky clean buns:  

4 months. 3 months. 2 months. 1 month.


  1. Your boys are so handsome! Love Channing peeking up over the bassinet!!!

  2. Look how big he is getting! So adorable.

  3. LOVE!! He is getting so big!! Seeing the pic of him sucking his thumb reminds me so much of Madeline. She would suck her thumb and rub the back of her head. SO sweet!!!

  4. Pure beauty. I am just overcome looking at these pictures. It brings tears to my eyes.


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