Sunday, July 8, 2012

Red, White and HOT

Here are some shots from our 4th of July. It was insanely hot, but I don't need to tell you that! Pretty sure it was 100 degrees wherever you were too!  We went to the Urbandale parade that morning. These summer parades are fun for the little kids. Big trucks and lots of candy. But I have to say, since neither of us were raised in Iowa, it seems kind of strange to see all the families and older couples there without young kids. It would be a little boring! But what do we know? We don't understand May Baskets or telling jokes on Halloween either :) We found a shady spot to park the chairs, brought lots of water to drink and a spray bottle to mist down to stay cool, so we didn't completely melt.

Later that day we went to Nana and Pop's to hang out with the cousins. We hadn't planned on them playing in the sprinkler (not sure why not, considering the temerature...) but thankfully Nana keeps enough bathing suits there for all of them!! Caleb (who's 7) changed first and put on a 2T. Dawson's wearing a 3T. :) You would never know these kids were related!
It's always strange when there are new babies in the family and these two can't be called the babies anymore:
And there's nothing "baby" at all about these kids anymore! No more chubby cheeks and bellies. Just long limbs:

They had lots of fun with sparklers before Dawson grabbed the wrong end and got a big burnt blister on his hand even though Jon told him several times what part not to touch. Poor thing. (And can I just say, I have no clue how to photograph in low light. The camera wouldn't focus on their glowing faces so I was getting many good shots. I will take a photography class some day! Some day...)

We went home late and watched a great fireworks show from our back deck over Camp Dodge (our neighborhood is across the street from a military base).
We kept the festivities going with a pool day on Friday. Channing took his first dip in the pool. I didn't take many pictures because I was too busy swimming! Man, it felt good to be in the water. I don't know about you, but most of the time I don't actually swim. The water's too cold and I don't really want to get my hair wet because then I look crazy the rest of the day. (I know...the ridiculous things girls think about). But that day it was just too hot to worry about that and it was so fun. We swam for hours. 
Bennett's officially a swimmer. Amazing, how just a few weeks ago at my mom's, he'd panic in the deep end but now he's completely confident. I finally got his flip (not quite a full but not bad for a barely 5 yr old!!) on video:
Dawson loves jumping in too and is just as brave as Bennett in the water:

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  1. Swimming isn't my favorite thing to do either, especially because of my hair. But in 100+ degree weather it sounds like heaven!
    Your camera takes great pics,... Or should I say you take great pics w/ your camera!


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