Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A little change of scenery...

I don't know about you but I hate taking my boys to the same parks over and over. They get bored and I get bored. Plus, when we're all together as a family, Jon enjoys going places where we can walk around or hike somewhere together, rather than just sitting on a bench watching them play. (Me...I'm fine to just sit and watch!) I suggested this pedestrian bridge and the Chinese Memorial Garden since we were going downtown anyway to visit Jon's grandma who's been in the hospital for several days. The boys had been cooped up all day so I said we needed to give them a chance to run before we attempted a quiet and calm visit in the hospital! It ended up being a great spot to let some energy out (and to get some great pics!).
In case you decide to go, we spent a lot of time looking for a parking spot on the West side of the river (the downtown side) but couldn't find anything (it was a Friday night). We drove across to the East side and there was a whole empty parking lot right next to the bridge and gardens.
So what's your lesser known favorite park or place to walk or hike?? Please share! We never mind driving a little ways for a fun spot!
(PS. Thanks, Emily, I remembered the Chinese Gardens from a post of yours a long time ago!)


  1. Have you guys ever gone to the natural playscape at Jester State Park? It's one of our fav places - I bet your boys would love it!

  2. Just love these experiences for them - what great exploring spots. And the pics are fantastic! Kristy - i have taken the boys to Jester playscape a lot and we love it!!

  3. Fun times -- we need to go here! Your photos are looking better and better with each post, too!!! We love Jester Park, Browns Woods (WDes Moines) and Yellow Banks (Runnells).


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