Sunday, July 15, 2012

Town-town Tes Moines

That's what Dawson calls Downtown Des Moines. We go to these waterways to play a couple times every summer and its the best spot ever--as long as you have a bucket for every kid. Otherwise there will be non-stop fighting. I've learned my lesson and this time I brought enough buckets for my boys, my two nieces and an extra in case a strange kid showed up to steal one (which usually happens). My sister Claire got to meet us down there since she's working at the Starbucks on this block (Woo-hoo! Free drinks! I told her this is the best sister perk since Bethany worked at J.Crew! I, of course she never abused her employee priviliges and let her sisters buy stuff with her discount. Who would do such a thing?)
 Quinn and Piper brought their mermaid barbies, which they named, Jessica and Darlene. Naturally.

They were probably telling each other jokes about some bodily function but they sure looked adorable doing it: 

Flashback to the downtown waterways in 2010 and from my sister's POV.

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  1. Looks SO fun! And I am in love with that picture of Bennett and Piper posing for the camera. CUTE!


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