Tuesday, May 1, 2012

two months.

Channing is 12lb 8oz (54th percentile) and 23" (48%). His head is 89th percentile. Brainiac. ;)
Bennett was 12lb 10oz and Dawson was 13lb 2oz at that age.
He is such a content baby and never cries unless he's tired which is exactly one hour after every feeding during the day. I always glance at the clock when I hear his first fuss and its like clockwork. He'll last another half hour if I hold him or put him in his favorite bouncy seat. Sometimes his cries are so mild I imagine him saying, "Mom, I really hate to bother you, but would you be so kind as to lay me in my bed? I'm getting a bit drowsy". He naps 1 1/2 - 2hrs if we're at home and I pretty much wake him up for every single feeding.

The only slightly annoying thing is he hates to sleep in his carseat (the major con of having a tummy sleeper). I have a SwaddleMe blanket that helps him fall asleep in there with his pacifier but he usually only stays asleep for about half an hour and then will start fussing. Not great for running errands but I always try to have him back home for the next nap. I took just him and Bennett to Target last Saturday and we were there for at least 2 hours (lunchtime included). It was completely stress free and wonderful and made me realize you can shop with boys. Just not 2 year old boys. I had to take all 3 of them to Channing's checkup. Completely stressful. I hate doctor's visits. And the office we go to is like, a half mile walk from the car on the 2nd floor of this big building. So not kid-friendly. I would love to switch to a smaller pediatrician's office that's easy to get into and the waits aren't long and one that lets you choose your immunization schedule. Does that exist in Des Moines? Thank goodness my kids are never sick.


  1. Oh my goodness, he is a sweetie!!

  2. Great photos! So glad Mom's coming up! Her gain my loss...

  3. So cute! Love those big eyes!
    We love Dr. Lori and Ed Steinmann. She's a nurse practitioner and midwife and he's a doc AND a chiro! Win win for all! They're both very sweet, great with the kids (they have 4), and won't hassle you about a vax schedule. They don't even ask me anymore. Down side is that they're downtown but when we do have to go, we hit up other fun stuff to do downtown.

  4. Courtney and I both go to Steinmann Family Clinic downtown! They have their own facility and are flexible with immunizations!


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