Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random thoughts from my scattered brain

I'm excited with the new blogger layout released this week I can make my photos even bigger! Because when it comes to photos of these little faces, bigger is better, I'm sure you all agree ;) That's why I've always loved this blog but never knew how to do it myself. So, thanks, Blogger.
These next two photos have always been my favorites of Bennett as a baby. He was 6 1/2 weeks here. Holy moly, no wonder people always commented how tan he was! 
In my mind, these two looked a lot more alike as babies. Now that I'm seeing this, I don't think so anymore! I had to put this outfit on Channing yesterday since it was almost 90 degrees. It's back down in the 60's today (thank-you, Iowa, for always making sure we keep our winter and summer wardrobes accessible at all times. Wouldn't want either of them to feel left out when it's not supposed to be their season, now would we?) and by the time we get back to hot weather again, he'll have outgrown it! He was 8 weeks yesterday and getting close to outgrowing his 0-3 month clothes. His 2 month checkup is on Monday and I'm curious how much he weighs.  
We've got a sweet one here, folks. I just love him. (Duh.) 
He's got some serious dry scalp going on. Neither of my other two ever had cradle cap or dry skin on their noggins. Anybody have some recommendations for some shampoo that will get rid of cradle cap? Preferably one you don't have to order online and something all natural or organic. (Obviously I'm not over-bathing him and drying his skin out. Ha! Don't worry, he has had a couple more baths since that post ;)

A few things I'm happy about today:
  • My bestest bestie is going to be here in 21 days! My Candy girl from Cali and her adorable daughter Ava are coming for a way-too-short visit in May. I'm so thankful the Lord has provided us opportunities to see each other at least once a year (except one. We've only missed one year since we met our first year of college!) She makes my heart happy.
  • Jon got asked to speak at some conference for Edward Jones agents in Oklahoma City in June and they're paying for the whole family to go along! We've never had an all expense paid trip anywhere and I'm pumped! I mean, I hear Oklahoma City is like the Paris of the Southwest. (You've never heard that? You sure? Hmmm.) But heck, I don't care where it is. We live in Iowa, remember? And they're paying for my food and I love to eat free food! (I love to eat any food.)
  • I took all three boys to the mall tonight by myself. We ate dinner in the food court (love me some D.R. Deli!) and went to the Gap (extra 40% off clearance! score!) and we only had two teeny weeny meltdowns. HUGE success! Ok, Dawson had his paci for a bit (gotta get rid of that thing soon) and Channing screamed the whole way home (he still hates to sleep in his carseat. Hopefully that will change when he can actually lift his thumb to his mouth. Fingers crossed.) but nevertheless, I never once felt tense or stressed. I was so proud of my boys and myself!
  • I was heartbroken when announced they were shutting down. But they recommended Picmonkey and I have to say, I like it even better! These next two photos were edited with the setting "Daguerreotype" and I love it. There are so many cool ones on there. (Yes, I know you real photographers scoff at these web sites but I never claimed to be anything but an amateur so I will continue to use these web sites with no shame :)
I've been wanting to get all 30 of their little piggies in one shot but every time they've all been awake and happy, somebody's were too filthy. So 20 piggies will do for now.


  1. Both of our boys have/had cradle cap. We use California Baby shampoo for cradle cap (from Target). It's natural, but I don't really think it does much. You can put olive oil on their head and let it soak for 5-10-15 minutes and then use a soft brush or toothbrush to brush off the scales, but it also pulls out their hair :( So with Drake, I figured I would rather he had all his awesome blond locks that covered the cradle cap, kind of, than to be rid of the cradle cap. No real good solution :(

  2. Your camera takes gorgeous photos (it helps that your subjects are so precious!) Maybe you already mentioned this, but what kind of DSLR did you get? I think I may have convinced Brent on getting one!

  3. Coconut oil! Weird but it works! One of the boys....can't remember which.. had some serious cradle cap and this was recommended. Just massage it in then gently comb and rinse out. Only had to do it twice and then it was all cleared up. We still use it for a lot of other dry skin issues.

    So impressed with all your blogs lately! When do you find the time???

  4. We used baby oil and the scrub brush they gave at the hospital. A little rubbing of that on Maebry's head after her baths and it went away in a week's time.

  5. amazing how much better your pictures look! now i'm really itching to get my hands on a dslr! :/ it's gonna be a while. haha.


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