Monday, April 2, 2012

Splish Splash

Embarrassing Fact: Channing will be 5 weeks old tomorrow and today he got his second bath. No, not his second bath of the day. His second bath ever. I know there are some moms reading this that are horrified right now. Frankly, it doesn't really bother me all that much. Its just embarrassing to admit it :)

Ugh, I'm so in love with these sweet cheeks. I try not to think about the fact that I only have a few more weeks with a newborn and then he'll turn into a real baby.

I'm feeling more and more comfortable with our daily routine. I'm learning little tricks to keep everyone happy and on schedule and a certain 2 year old out of trouble (like locking him into my bedroom with me while I'm feeding Channing so he can't get into something in another room!). He also really likes to play with toys and books in his crib and will stay in there for a good 30 or 45 minutes, so I use that time very strategically.

Dawson had to take a turn in "the boat" as he dubbed it:

So even though I can keep everyone fed and changed and I can go to the park or the library with all three without any [major] meltdowns, I have absolutely no clue how to keep up with the housework. I'm pretty sure I've only done laundry twice in these 5 weeks (Jon does ours, I just do the boys'). The dishes pile up very quickly and the kitchen's constantly a cluttered mess. My bedroom is a dumping ground and is totally Out. Of. Control. My van could also use cleaning out in the worst way. (I guarantee Jon's thinking right now, "How is this any different than it's always been???" Come on honey, its not usually this bad, right? Right?? :) So anyway, I guess I (and my husband who cares about a clean house way more than I do) just have to accept the fact that in the long run this will just be a short season of life. Eventually Channing won't be nursing every 3 hours and Dawson won't be two forever and dump out every toy in sight while he's playing. Eventually we'll have much older boys who don't kiss us as much or cuddle as much or need us as much; boys who want to hang out in their own room instead of in ours. So maybe we need to put blinders on to the mess (and lack of baths) for a short while and just soak up these last fleeting weeks of newborn-ness. We'll never have them back. Ever.


  1. i'm certain you are tackling the important things (which doesn't include washing or cleaning). you are right that soon enough you will be in the next stage. i'm impressed that you and the boys leave the house : )

  2. Great perspective! You're completely right.

  3. Oh my, Channing is adorable!!!!

  4. Letting go of the mess is probably the best thing you can do to enjoy those babies of yours right now. Great attitude! That is still hard for me too, but I am seeing more and more how a clean house is not as important as loving on my family. And babies don't need a lot of least not until he is playing in the sticks and mud with his big brothers :)


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